Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stupid Doctors

I was supposed to have an appointment yesterday and they called 20 minutes before to say that the doctor had an emergency surgery that barely started like the hour before so they needed to reschedule. Obviously things come up, but I have to drive 45 minutes to the doctor's office. Missing is no big deal for someone who lives right there, but with the cost of gas and the fact that Trevor had taken off work to be there was just really irritating. To top it off, almost every appointment I have been to they have sent in the nurse practiotioner instead of the doctor so why couldn't she just see me? They said that when he is gone she is gone. Bullcrap. Besides all that, all they ever do is weigh me, check my blood pressure, and listen to the heartbeat. A nurse can handle all that. I was already there couldn't they have just done all the routine stuff? It's not like they were checking my woman area!!!

I hate the doctors office.

The only bright side is I did go get my blood drawn at another office, and by the time I have my new appointment they should have those test results back to see if I have gestational diabetes, so I won't have to wait until the next appointment, but still.....

I hate the doctors office.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm a Survivor

I have been severely lacking in the whole posting department. It's not that there aren't things going on, it's just that there is so much going on! I'm telling you, May is always so busy. If there is anyway to prevent it, I highly recommend not having a kid in May. Especially not towards the end. It's just too crazy. (Believe me, I have experience in that department being a May baby myself)

First of all, I have survived what I would call Hell Week. What is Hell Week you ask? It is the last week of school. I have loved my job, and I definetly have loved the kids until this last week. The kids that I have known all year have slowly started to slip away since the start of May, but the last week of school was like working with 13 year old MONSTERS! It made leaving them a lot easier. It's kinda of weird because I am done with work. I'm not going back after the summer. I am done permanently....or at least for quite a while. It hasn't quite sunk in, but I'm sure it will. This has been the best job I have ever had, so it really is a bittersweet thing. I hear that motherhood can be even better though....

On a happy note, I have felt like a proud little momma for the last couple days. My brother Kade is so a middle child. I often feel like he gets a little forgotten, but he really isn't. Whenever he or my little sister do anything good I feel almost as proud as my mom does, because I feel like I have helped raise them. This year Kade has really hated school. That is so not his nature. But it has been rough. He has had a hard time with the teachers and he has never felt confident in how he has done on tests and things. However all his stressing was worth it. They had the underclassmen awards ceremony on Thursday and he just cleaned house! He took awards in every single class except P.E. where there wasn't one given out. He co-won the science fair, and in English there was only one award given and he got it. The English one was the biggest shocker because that was where he stressed and felt the least confident ALL YEAR!!! At one point Danica Patterson was on stage getting an award and she told Kade, "Geez, Kade, you might as well stay up here!" His friends were all throwing fits everytime he got called up. Way to go Kader! I am so proud!

Finally, I feel like all I ever do is talk about this pregnancy. I'm sure it's pretty boring and gets old, but it is all consuming. It is just my whole world right now. Last night I came across this pregnancy magazine that the doctor's office gave me. I really like this magazine because it shows pictures of what your baby looks like each month. I turned to the 6 month pictures and handed it to Trevor to look at. I then left the room to make one of my many trips to the bathroom. While I was gone Trevor proceeded to go through the rest of the magazine, where towards the end he came to the pictures of a woman giving birth. These showed everything. When I walked back in Trevor was like, "this is pornography!" He was totally freaking out. I of course died laughing while he kept saying it. I said it wasn't and he asked me to define what pornography is then. I fired back with, "Does that make biology books pornography?" It didn't stop him one bit.

One picture showed the umbilical cord coming out of the woman after the baby had been delivered. He was like, "What is that?" So I told him. Then he asked, "Well, what do they do with it? Do they like stuff it back up in you? Will it fall out of you later on when we are back home?" He really couldn't believe it. I just laughed and laughed the whole time. As he was looking he said, "I am NOT watching that when you have the baby."

We turned to the next page and they had a picture of a newborn with a black looking belly button. Trevor freaked a little more and was asking "what the hell is that?" I told him that it was part of the umbilical cord. He thought that it just came off when the kid was born. I told him that it shrivels up and falls off a few days later. He just had the most disgusted look on his face and finally said, "I don't want to know anymore!"

Poor Trevor got a whole lot of labor and delivery education last night that he didn't like. It was really really funny. I told my mom about it and she said that I better tell him about it so that he doesn't think that I am weird, that it's totally normal. I think he has had all the education he cares to have though. Talk about throwing someone in a lake to teach them how to swim.....hopefully it won't be as gross to him at the actual delivery!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

13 Weeks to Go

Things just seem to get crazier and busier as the days go by! Maybe it's just because it's May. May always flies by. Obvisiously one big thing was Mother's Day. We are fortunate enough to live by both our mom's so it was nice to spend time with them. I woke up on Mother's Day singing "happy mother's day to me, happy mother's day to me, I'm not really a mom yet....but in August I will be!" Trevor was like, "Why aren't you a mom yet? Do you feed Brody? Do you shelter him? Well, then you are a mom." Hmmm....I hadn't thought of it that way, but he's right! Trevor bought me a new fan/light for our family room. I hated the nasty gold one that was in there so as a mother's day gift he bought me a new one and installed it! What a good man!
Another highlight from Mother's Day was getting to talk to my brother, Spenser, that is serving a mission in Brazil. We really don't get a lot of time to talk to him, because his time is split with our dad, so we pass around the phone and all talk quickly to him for a couple minutes. His voice sounded like it had a little bit of an accent, but other than that the same. He mostly just seems so humbled by the spirit. We already have known that, but talking to him made it even more apparent. He loves his mission. He has been gone a whole year by the end of this month. I don't know if he's going to want to come home. He is so excited about becoming an uncle, but he told me that he's sad that he won't see Brody Jay until he's about 10 months old. It would be so weird to leave on a mission and come back to a different family like he's going to. Kade and Taylor will be so much bigger by then and I'll have a kid! It's crazy.
The school year is finally almost over! I only have 5 work days left....yessss! It is definetly time to be over with, but I'm still a little sad about not coming back next year. I'm sure being a mom will fill in any void I may be feeling, but it will be so weird to not be starting back to school next year!
Brody gets bigger every day. I can feel myself stretching more and more. I thought it was funny when he kicked at the heart monitor at our last appointment, so I thought I would try it out at home. Sure enough every single time I put the remote or my phone on my belly he goes NUTS! Trevor could not believe how much my belly was moving. It seriously looks like the waves in the ocean. I swear that it's not just kicks I feel anymore, it's like I can feel him completely stretching out. I can feel whole body parts not just the swift kick or punch, it's like his whole arm or legs pushing and stretching. Trevor says that the baby might hate me because I won't ever leave him alone, but I don't think he will remember so it doesn't matter. He is going to be such a busy body, that doesn't want to be messed with. I really don't know how much peace there will be with him around. It's amazing the personality that they already have when they haven't even seen the light of day yet!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

THE Room

I know that we have a long time still until this little boy gets here, but his room is mostly done. This particular room was painted last year during my spring break. The pictures don't show it very well, but the top half is tan and the bottom half is a chocolate brown color. I chose these a long time ago because I figured that whether we had a boy or a girl I could decorate with lots of blue or lots of pink.
I picked out this baby bedding and stalked the internet watching the shipping progress until it came in. I was very particular of the actual shade of blue, because I had the room in mind. Anything too dark wouldn't have looked good. I searched everywhere, and found this pattern with the turtles. I loved it right away. The second I showed it to Trevor he was like, "Okay, Cliff!" You see my cousin Cliff loves turtles and has always raised them since he was little so Trevor had to give me a hard time about picking the turtle pattern out. Trevor swears he remembers going over to Cliff's house when they were little and Cliff wanting to show he and the others with them his turtles. Of course, all Trevor was thinking was, "Umm...can't we just play basketball or something?" Seriously one track mind.....
On the wall above the bed we put our little guy's name, but on the other wall I have big plans. I took some plain white frames and covered the matting that goes inside with cute blue papers. I plan on taking pictures of Brody Jay and his hand, feet, etc. once he gets here, and then blowing them to 8x10 size black and white OR sepia toned pictures. I think they should turn out pretty cool. But I also want to write in white vinyl letters (Jaymi, I need to get in touch with you about that.....) Lead Me, Guide me, (above the pictures) Walk beside Me (below pictures). I can't wait to get it all done!I keep thinking of other things I might add, but for now that's what we have started. I really am so excited about having this BOY. I thought I wanted a girl, but I really can't tell you how thrilled I am about this little guy coming. Hopefully the doctors got it right.....I don't think there was much doubt, but at this point I don't know what I would do if they got it wrong.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

2nd Trimester Wind-Up

Thursday was my last doctor's appointment while in my second trimester! Yay! I finally feel like I'm on a downward slope. Everything went well again. I got on the scale backwards and made sure to tell the lady not to tell me how much I weigh or even how much I have gained. Usually I take off my shoes before I get on because who wants to have any extra weight on the scale, but I didn't because I was wearing boots and it would have taken too much effort.

We moved on to the normal pee in the cup routine next. I swear I had to go so bad, but then when I actually went, barely anything came out. Typical. My blood pressure was taken and it was very good, again. It had been exactly the same the two times before, but this time it was just a little bit different.

I tried to talk them into giving me another ultrasound, but it's just not going to happen. It seems I'll only be getting one unless they think something is wrong. Dang....shouldn't I get rewarded for having a good pregnancy, by getting another little peek at the kid? I did get the next best thing, which is hearing Brody's heartbeat. He had been pretty mellow up to that point, but as soon as she put that thing on my belly he went nuts. He kicked the monitor thing the second she put it on me! It was so hard that you could actually see my whole belly move. We both laughed and then he did it again. Everytime she would get to wear we could hear his heartbeat he would kick or hit it so hard!!! He only lets mommy push and prod, I guess. It made me laugh so hard that she had to stop and wait for me to stop so she could actually count the heartbeat.

The nurse practitioner came in and felt up my belly to see how high my uterus is, and again she said that she thinks I'm just a little bit farther along than we thought, but no actual change of birth date yet. The nurse then let it slip how much I had gained. My first thought was, "oh man, I have worked so hard to NOT know." and then I thought, "holy cow, I have gained that much since my last appointment?" I know that I am a lot hungrier these days, but I have worked really hard to not just pig out and to not eat a ton of junk when I am hungry. But she then said that I was doing really good. That was all I had gained this entire pregnancy. It was kind of a relief, but I really don't want to know how much weight I've gained. I figure that is one less thing that I need to worry about right now.

Overall, it was a great visit. I'm doing so good apparently. My next visit is when they do the glucose test. I have to drink some nasty sugar drink and then get my blood drawn. The beauty of it that it will be my last blood test! Woot-woo. The nurse said I shouldn't be too concerned because my other blood tests have shown that I have a high blood count(??) and it should all be fine. After that appointment I'll be going every other week.

I can't wait. The countdown really begins now.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not a Turkey

One thing about pregnancy that has always grossed me out is when you can see a pregnant woman's belly button sticking out. Talk about nasty. I have always vowed that I will never let my belly button show if it sticks out like that. I will invest in as many band-aids as I need to. If it takes two or three just to push it down I will do it.

I haven't ever really been too concerned about my belly button popping out until recently. You see, I am not one that really thinks I have a nice belly button or anything, but I have an abnormally deep belly button. While in the shower one night I noticed my deep well has become a little bit shallow. It's more like the kiddie pool instead of the diving zone! Talk about an alarm going off in my head! It might just belly button may pop like a turkey timer. Not cute....Not cute at all.

However I have found a solution that may be even better than any elmo band-aids. They are called Miss Oops Popper stoppers. They work like a band-aid on a pregnant woman's turkey timer without irritating her skin. Can you say awesome? I love people who think of stuff like this.

There are several websites that sell the popper stoppers (kinda catchy isn't it?), but the cheapest ones I found were at this website: they are $12.50 for 5. It may be a little more pricey than the band-aids, but if my belly button pops I am definetly giving these babies a shot. If anyone has tried them or does before I do, let me know how they are.