Wednesday, February 09, 2011

5 Month Old Ryder

In just a matter of days Ryder will turn 5 months old. The time with him has just flown. He's growing in size, but also in personality.
A month ago at his 4 month check-up Ryder weighed 16 pounds 1 ounce and I think was 25 and 1/2 inches long. That is the exact same weight as his brother at 4 months but about a half inch shorter. I love to compare their differences! Since that last weigh in he has really begun to eat rice cereal, applesauce, pears, peaches, squash, and bananas and I think it shows. He seems so much heavier to me!
Ryder enjoys LOTS of attention, but especially from his mommy! It seems that he is so much more needy than Brody. They both want my attention, but this kid DEMANDS it! If I'm sitting near him but don't talk to him or look at him for a while he starts to squawk and yell until I will.

He is still mostly a happy baby. He laughs and smiles without hesitation. He still struggles with sleep. He sleeps, but it doesn't come naturally. It is a constant work in progress. Some days are good, others not so good. He was sick for the first time this week with a cold and that has made sleep impossible! Ryder can sit up with just a little assistance. He still only can roll over onto his tummy but not back onto his back. Most of the time when he rolls over it takes only a matter of seconds before he starts yelling because he hates it.
As far as the future goes I'm a little concerned for my sanity. He loves to play with Brody already and Brody for the most part loves it too, but I often hear him telling Ryder to "dop (stop) it." I can already forsee Brody running down the hall and slamming his door once Ryder really becomes mobile. Brody's OCD/oldest child issues are really going to be tested when Ryder follows him to his room and gets into his train or other toys. Ryder also cannot sit still. He rocks back and forth when sitting on your lap. I don't know if this means he's going to be hyper-active or just a mover, but either way its going to get crazy in a short few months....
pray for us!

January 6th, 2011

Not only have we started a new year, but something even more significant has happened in our life. Trevor and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Its so hard to believe that the first 5 years of our eternity have come and gone.
What is there to say about the past 5 years? Well I remember thinking before we even got married that 5 years was a long time. When you hit 5 years you are no longer a newlywed. By 5 years you are a little more established in your marriage. By year 5 you probably have a mortgage(check 1 for us), a few kids (check 2), and have steady jobs (um, yep check 3).
I think 5 years ago we (well mostly me) probably looked a lot better. I think we were both void of gray hairs but Trevor has it running through all of his hair and I have recently discovered some single strands in mine! I also have not come out of the war each mother battles during pregnancy untouched....I was left with more than my fair share of battle wounds...muffin top, and many a zebra stripe (aka stretch marks). I didn't have some rockin' body 5 years ago, but it was definitely more rockin' then compared to now.
Our anniversary wasn't spent celebrating, or doing anything special because yet again Trevor was coaching. Points were earned though when flowers were sent to me even though he was traveling on a bus. However, I wouldn't trade in what we have or where we are in life for those early days. We have grown together as a couple. We've gone on trips and purchased vehicles. We've lived in 3 different homes but all in the same town. We've brought two awesome little boys into this world. We've laughed, cried, fought, and most of all we've loved.