Friday, October 22, 2010

Duplicate Copy

Being the mom I can see the subtle differences in the way Brody and Ryder look (emphasis on subtle), but more and more they are looking alike. People are always saying that Ryder looks exactly like Brody. Even Steve Crosby (my mom's bishop) said while looking at Ryder, "Well, he looks like a ditto..." Haha! That's the best description I've heard...Ryder is just the ditto to Brody! I guess you have to be the judge.
If you want to know the real truth though, I kinda wanted our boys to look alike I didn't want them to look totally different from one another. I love when you see little brothers and sisters playing together and they all have a similar look. I want to be able to tell that they belong together and I think that you definitely can with Brody and Ryder.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brotherly Love

Ryder has been with us for 5 weeks now and other than the sporadic sleeping, (and of course that first hard week for me) things couldn't be better! Brody's transition from being an only child to an older brother has been pretty seamless. He is such an awesome brother!!! The day we were having Ryder I left our house really emotional. I just couldn't even talk about Brody without tearing up. I was super excited for him to become a big brother, but there was also a little sense of guilt. I knew we were going to completely rock his world in just a matter of hours. Nothing was ever going to be the same again. I love having siblings and have become especially grateful for them as I got older, so I knew that giving Brody a sibling was probably one of the greatest gifts he could ever get, but I worried that maybe he wasn't ready. Was it too soon? Had we prepared Brody enough for the arrival of Ryder? Could his 2 year old mind really understand that we loved him as much as this new intruder that was taking up so much of our time?
Things at the hospital were crazy and Brody had had a long day so he didn't really seem too interested in his brother. He did plant a kiss or two but he didn't seem to care all that much. When we came home from the hospital the first thing Brody said was, "Bowie hode baby Ry-er." He wanted to hold Ryder!!!
Things have only continued to get better. Brody has been the best big brother. I couldn't ask for a better big brother for Ryder. Brody is interested in Ryder without being overbearing, he doesn't ignore him, and he doesn't act jealous at all. If Ryder cries he makes sure to tell me. He runs into my bedroom to check on the baby, and loves to give Ryder his pacifier. Of course, Brody is 2 so he can't be perfect all the time....Ryder's eyes have been poked on occasion and he's been bounced a little too hard in his seat, but its all out of curiosity or in trying to be "helpful" its never out of being mean.
I was so excited to have 2 boys together because I wanted them to be buddies, and although Ryder is too young now for them to be playing but there is definitely some bonding going on. I love the idea of watching them grow up together....I can't wait to watch them cycle through being buddies, enemies, competitors, companions, and just plain brothers.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Mazes

Every year in Snowflake there is a pumpkin patch and corn maze. I have always wanted to go, but just have never done it. Finally this year we went! The corn maze is turned into a haunted maze at night, but its too scary for kids so we just did it during the day. My brother Spenser and his wife Stormy came home for the weekend so we made it a family outing with my mom and all my siblings. Before we went to Snowflake we went and supported my sister at her soccer game, and then headed from Holbrook to Snowflake. It made for a long day, but it was SOOO worth it!
At the corn maze they had a game sort of set up. Throughout the maze there were posts and you had to find them to and punch a hole in your paper. There were like 6 different shapes you had to find and it was pretty hard to do, but if you found them all you got a candybar. I swear I couldn't tell one row from another, so I basically spent the time following everyone else. No shapes were found by me. When all was said and done we were able to find all the posts and make it out of there in just under 2 hours. It was WAY fun! Brody really had a good time too. He picked up several "souvenier" corn cobs while we were in there.

After that we headed over to the pumpkin patch. I have never visited a pumpkin patch because I've always just bought my pumpkins at a grocery store. I don't think I have ever seen so many pumpkins. It was fun to see all the different sizes and colors. They were even catapulting pumpkins in one area.
Overall, such a fun day spent with my family! I hope to be able to go again in the future!