Saturday, January 28, 2012


"Brody, why are you so cute?"
"But I'm not!"
"You're not?"
"Because, my hair is down."

"Brody, why are you so cute?"
"Because my hair is up!"

Even at the tender age of 3, Brody has some strong opinions on what looks good. That's probably why on more than one occasion he wouldn't wear the shirt I had picked out for him because it didn't match his 'unawares' (underwears). True story folks. From the styling's of Mr. Brody Jay....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I think there are so many mom's out there that get a fancy shmancy camera and overnight think they are some kind of superstar photographer. I'll admit, this bugs me. Its stupid really, because um, hello...isn't that me? I have dabbled on and off in photography since highschool, but I never ever take the time to really LEARN like I need to. That's why when people ask if I take pictures and if I would do theirs, I'm so quick to suggest they find someone else. I have a couple friends that have become SOO good at taking pictures, that I look at theirs and this wonderful talent that they've developed and all I can see is the crappiness in mine! However, once in a while a family member, close friend, or someone that refuses to take no for an answer will convince me to take their pictures.

This past fall, I had a few instances of this. First, I had this way cute family. They were so easy to photograph because they were willing to try anything and so photogenic. The only problem was, the only time we were able to take their pictures was right smack during the sunniest part of the day. The mom wanted a field with tall grasses or sunflowers. The dad wanted something more rustic with a barn or a tractor. Believe it or not, we found ONE location that had all these components. It was great!

The next one I shot made me really nervous. Wait, I shouldn't say that. EVERY time I take pictures I'm super nervous. I honestly just about go into cardiac arrest because I know that someone else could do so much better. This one just made me more nervous because I haven't ever shot a newborn. Plus, you really should do newborn pictures within the first 10 days or so, and she was a few weeks past this. She didn't want to sleep at all, but baby A was beautiful waking or sleeping so it really didn't matter.

Finally, was my friend, Shelly's family. I have done their pictures for three years now. I probably am the least nervous with them because they know what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from them. I am the most comfortable and at ease, even though I have to work myself into this state for about 3 days prior to the day we take the pictures!

I never am one to make new year's resolutions, BUT if I did...I think one of them would be for me to develop a better talent and more skills at picture taking. To become more confident in what I do. To REALLY figure out lighting (its one thing I struggle to get just right). And maybe just maybe get a handle on the photoshop program I recently got!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Ryder's 15 Month Stats

The pediatrician that we have been going to for the past 3 years has retired and in his place left a lady that I really do not care for at all. So I don't know if it was because she was new, or because they had a pipe break over the weekend, or because it was a snowy mess outside, but the at Ry's 15 month wellness check-up things were just hectic. Normally they write down his stats on a page and what percentile he is in as well as a paragraph or two on what he should be doing at this age. I got none of that. I do know that at this check up a month ago, he weighed 26 lbs 2 oz. I know he was more than 30 inches tall but I'm not positive exactly what it was. He was also above average in all of these things. Basically healthy, and doing great.

Currently Ryder isn't saying a whole lot. Actually, he says a whole lot in his own language, just not in English. They only words he says are boo, uh-oh, and daddy. I really don't mind this at all because I just want to hang onto my baby a while longer! His favorite way of communicating is begging. He will hold out his hand to whatever he wants and open and close it as if saying, 'gimme that' and then he says "uh....uh..." until we figure out what it is he wants. I seriously wonder why and how kids learn this. Brody never begged like this, but Ry learned it early on. He also likes to make any sounds around him. Growling, whispering, yelling, squeals, rasberries, any noise, especially if he's imitating his big brother.

He still loves food. He eats his, and everyone else's. Brody often leaves his cup of juice or snacks down, and it usually results in him yelling because Ryder has gotten hold of it. I always have to remind him that if he leaves it down, Ry will get it. Its just a fact.

Ryder LOVES to play with matchbox cars. They are probably his favorite thing to play with. Of course, just about anything with wheels that he can 'drive' is pretty fun too.

If anyone sits on the floor Ryder believes its so he can use you as his personal throne. He backs up and plops himself in your lap whether you want him to or not. If you lay on the floor he thinks you are fair game for him to climb all over.

He loves taking a bath. He hates having his diaper changed (after all this time you'd think he'd be used to it). He hates wearing shoes, but wants them put on all the time. Ryder loves to be right next to us wherever we might be. If we sit on the couch he has to sit right beside us, but he does NOT want to be held or cuddled.

Ryder is my shadow. Wherever I go, he is two steps behind me. There is no such thing as privacy. Its a little out of control at times. If he and Brody are in the bath and I walk out of the room to grab his clothes he screams until I'm back. If Trevor gives them the bath and he walks out of the room, Ry doesn't make a peep. It drives me crazy.

Despite not talking, he understands us completely. If you ask him to throw something away or to put the cars away he does it. He can point out his eyes, nose, hair, tummy, and feet. If you ask him to scrunch his eyes he does it and its about the funniest thing ever. He loves to dance. He makes us dance with him. Lately if I tell him no he will shake his head. If I say yes, he'll move his head up and down.

Ryder is a happy boy. Cheerful and easily pleased. BUT.....get him mad......whoo. Its not a fun time. He screams with the best of them. When he cries hard his forhead gets red blotches or speckles all over it. Thats when you know he means business. He is U-P-S-E-T!!!!

He really is developing into a fun boy. He can challenge us, and our patience, at times but he is so dang cute and loving that it totally outweighs the hard moments!

Friday, January 06, 2012

6 Years Ago Today...

...this guy, and this girl, became husband and wife when they were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa Arizona temple. Today (picture taken by the Brodster) the most celebrating we'll probably do is a high five and dinner of pepsi and nachos between the games that Trevor is coaching. But that's okay. Someday maybe we'll celebrate huge. For now we'll just take pride in the fact that we have made it six years and are probably more happy then ever before!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christmas 2011

Every year I want Christmas to be special for our family. I also want to send out cards, deliver goodies to neighbors, and help a family less fortunate.....Unfortunately the farthest I ever get in accomplishing any of these things is just thinking about doing them. So if you're my neighbor, friend, family, someone less fortunate, know that I THOUGHT about doing or sending you something nice. Someday I hope to actually carry out these things.

I do, however, think I some-what make Christmas time special for our little family. This year we have a dvr so I was able to record all the Christmas shows at all hours of the day for us to watch when it was more convenient for us. Many a chilly day or night was spent watching one christmas movie or another.

Looking at lights is always something we enjoy doing. When Brody was Ryder's age he was so much fun when we looked at lights. He would oooh and aagh and be so excited. We wondered how Ry-ry would react. He did not disappoint. Dispite a skimpy amount of lighted houses this year, Ryder would make this growl sounding word sounding somewhere between a whoa or wow! It was hilarious! We looked at lights so many nights that Brody knew where the best houses were, and what their displays were. He would say things like, "Wets go see the house wif santa cwaus going down the chimney!!!"

Christmas shopping with kids isn't very productive, but we did pick a few things with them, but the best part of any shopping trip was going down the aisles with the holiday decor. The boys would get so excited about every little thing. It just made Christmas so much fun with them.

Snow has been very limited, but just before Christmas we had a pretty good storm come in. Brody couldn't be happier because he kept telling us it would be Christmas when it snowed.

I am no crafty mom, but I did roll up my sleeves and me, Brody, and my nephew Aftyn, made a couple things that even I was proud of. One was a simple christmas countdown chain that they both thought was pretty awesome. Brody looked forward to pulling one off each night and then counting how many days until santa would come. The other craft was a snowglobe made out of sculpey clay and baby food jars. Thanks to pinterest for that super cute idea. (and of course, no pictures)

Finally, Christmas day came. It was great. Ryder didn't wake up on the right side of the bed and it took him a while to warm up, but Brody couldn't get the covers off him fast enough when Trevor went to tell him Santa had come. I had two cameras ready, but do you think either one behaved? Not really. The truth though, is that even if they did work properly I sometimes feel like you miss out on reactions when you are looking behind a lens waiting to get a good picture. I don't want to even get into details of who got what, but I will say this: Trevor was surprised, I was excited, and the boys were tickled pink. I can't complain about having too much family to visit when so many people are far from family, but we spent a good portion of the day running from our house, to my mom's, to Trevor's family several times. We truly feel blessed to have family to be with, and were really grateful and surprised by some of the things we did receive.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Christmas Tree & Christmas Eve

My Christmas decorations have all been taken down, boxed up, stored away, and I am just now finding time to write about how our holidays went! The sad, but very true story mommy brain cannot even remember HALF of what has gone on in the past 4-6 weeks. Its just a blur. This is why if I was a good blogger, I would get around to blogging before I forget everything. So this is what you get. Take it. Or leave it. (sorry to my kids in the future for not being better!!!) As per usual, we set up our fake Christmas tree. My OCD/perfectionist self gets a sick satisfaction out of its perfect shape and un-scrawny self. For anyone that might roll their eyes at this, or say I'm missing out by not getting a REAL, albeit charlie brown, Christmas tree will take pleasure in knowing that my perfectionist dreams were dashed by the constant "beautiful" re-organizing of the ornaments on the bottom half of the tree by two sets of cute little boy hands. Truthfully though, after everyone helping put up the tree, Ry went down for a nap and that left just the 3 of us to put the ornaments on it. Brody LOVED it, and was really and truly helpful even if we may have guided him where to put certain things (only to have him move them throught the rest of the season).

Christmas eve was not the usual this year. Normally we have a big Mexican food dinner at my grampa's house, but this year it couldn't be there and it worked out better for my mom and us kids because I had been up the whole previous night with a sick baby and I didn't want him around all the other kids, so we just went to my mom's. It was a little bittersweet, I'll admit. I loved having it with just us, but I definitely missed being with all the cousins. I really love all the noise, chaos, and togetherness Christmas Eve brings with that part of the family.

After a delicious dinner, we headed home for the boys to open their Christmas jammies. I LOVE doing this! Brody told anyone and everyone that his jammies had "Pirate skull bones!" Trevor got out the bible and read the Christmas story from it as well as a picture book of the night before Christmas. It was simple, but great just the same.

We went to bed that night in the hopes that 'St. Nick soon would be there...' And when Brody saw that Trevor and I weren't in bed like he was he made sure to come out and let us know "you need to go to bed so santa cwaus can come!"

Off we went to bed shortly after that and had 'visions of sugarplums' all night as we awaited to see if we had been on Santa's naughty or nice list!