Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another Day at the Doctor

Another week is almost over. It just means one more week closer to the stressful 24th of July and one week closer to the arrival of Brody Jay. I can't believe that June is almost over! It has seriously flown by. This week was Mesa State Basketball camp for the highschool girls, so that meant Trevor leaving. In the entire time we have been married we have never been apart for more than one night and he has been gone for 5 days and 4 nights. I'll be so glad when he gets home tonight. I have been such a lazy bum. I scrubbed our bathroom and cleaned our room and the family room, but it wore me out and I haven't done anything since. I didn't even bother to get dressed until 3 one about pathetic.
This week I also had another dr. appointment. Now that I go more often it seems like I barely get back from one appointment and have to turn around and go to another one. My mom went with me this time. It's the only time anyone has gone besides Trevor. I think she enjoyed getting to hear her grandsons little heartbeat.

I was concerned at this appointment because it seems that in the last two weeks my belly has changed dramatically. I feel like I have become a balloon and I could take off for flight at any moment if I wasn't so heavy. Trevor has even noticed the difference. It is crazy. I'm just worried that this baby is going to come out way too big, and with how much it seemed I had gotten bigger I became really worried.
I expressed my concern to the doctor and he told me that I had gained 2 pounds in the last two weeks, but not to worry because that only brought me up to a grand total of 11 pounds so far. He said that I need to keep doing whatever it is I am doing, because everything looks great and couldn't be going better. He was more worried about swelling in my feet and legs being that it is getting hot and that tends to be a problem many pregnant women have, but he checked me and I was just fine. He just said to stay hydrated and I would be okay.

The only downer of the day was when he told me that the new hospital maternity wing that was supposed to be ready by the time I had Brody, is not even close to being done. Looks like I'll be crammed in the rooms they already use.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Week

It never ceases to amaze me that people say the things that they do. Especially to a highly sensitive pregnant woman!!! Trevor tells me to let it go, but that is a lot easier to say when you aren't the one increasing in size daily and getting more stretch marks. This week has seemed like I have had more comments than ever (both good and bad)!

Sunday - Two ladies in my ward, who I think so highly of and really look up to, see me and were so polite and nice. They asked me how I was feeling and commented that I "finally are really starting to show" and then said that they betted that I was hitting the uncomfortable stage. I told them that yes I really have hit that stage. I wasn't offended by the conversation whatsoever, but kinda felt good because I took it like I haven't been SO huge thus far.

Monday - While running errands with Trevor we ran into a lady that has a daughter I graduated with. She asked what we were doing and then said, "Well, you look really good."

Tuesday - At the post office this lady I know informs me, "You are BIG." Hmm...just what I want to hear. But don't you worry I got this appalled look on my face and said, "No, I'm not." I think that threw her off and she realized maybe that wasn't the appropriate thing to say. I lied and then told her I had only gained ten pounds, but I really don't know I just know my doctor has said I haven't gained much. Then I also told her that all the weight I have gained is in my belly no where else.

Wednesday(today) - wondering if the Witness Protection Program would ever considered putting a pregnant woman into hiding.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Looking Back

Neither Trevor or I ever look back at highschool and relive the "glory days" as so many people do (especially guys who played sports), but the other night we pulled out our yearbooks and just spent some time looking back. It's really fun to do that once in a while. It's amazing the people that you forget that you went to highschool with. I seriously kept saying, "I wonder where he is?" or "I forgot that she was in school with me." It was really fun. I also pulled out the scrapbooks that I kept while I was in school and came across some fun pictures. Whenever people hear that Trevor and I grew up together they always ask if we dated in highschool. The answer is no. Not at all. Trevor would quickly add at this point that I did like him at one time though. But in my defense Trevor and I's ideas of dating back then were very different. You see, Trevor didn't even realize that girls were around much until he was like a junior in highschool. Even then he remained pretty focused on one thing.....BASKETBALL. If you couldn't find Trevor at the gas station buying himself a Dr. Pepper, you could almost always drive by his parents house and see him outside shooting baskets any time day or night. Girls just weren't a priority. I on the other hand was very different. I liked a different boy every week. So when Trevor says anything about me liking him in highschool I remind him that it lasted for maybe 5 days before I changed my fickle mind. Even when I did kinda start dating a guy it never lasted long because I grew bored and found stupid reasons not to like them like they called too much or they ate funny.....stupid stupid things that they never knew about.
Anyway, my sophmore year my parents allowed me to go to the sweethearts dance even though I wasn't quite 16. I went with two other couples, and it's kinda ironic because Trevor was part of our group. All three of the boys were on the varsity basketball team, and all of us girls were cheerleaders. We had a fun date, but because of other things that had gone on the night before the basketball team was in trouble and after their game they all got ripped for a few people's mistakes....needless to say I think we made it to the dance in time to take pictures and have like one dance. That kinda sucked.
I just laugh when I see these pictures because it's amazing at how much we have changed since then. Trevor dated the other two girls, but never me....had you told us then that we would someday get married we both would have laughed at you. I don't know that we ever would have dated after Trevor got home from his mission had we dated in highschool. Crazy how life happens though....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I dedicate this post to my husband. We may not have our little one here yet, but I still feel that he needs to know how good of a dad he already is.

  • I don't think that all husbands are initially excited about the prospect of having a baby. It entails a lot: less attention from the wife, someone else to provide for, huge responsibility, etc...but my husband was. I'll never forget lying on the couch one day before he left to bball practice and telling him that I thought maybe I was pregnant....that look was priceless.
  • I have been super excited about this baby, but I have also tried to curb it somewhat. I did have 9 months and lots can happen, but Trevor was so geared up and ready to go that he made me even more happy and excited about this baby.
  • He has put together TONS of baby things without complaint. We barely get home from the store with a new purchase and he already has it out of the box and tackles putting it together.
  • Trevor hates shopping for clothes, but when it comes to looking at clothes for Brody it's another story. AND he has picked out some cute stuff.
  • I have felt like I am a bad mom already because I so wanted a girl, and even though Trevor wanted a girl initially, he is the one that got the most excited about a boy, he is the one who has never thought twice about a girl since we found out we were having a boy. He is the one that says having a boy first is better anyway.
  • Even though my appointments have pretty much all been the same old boring stuff, Trevor has been to every single one that he could.
  • I'm ready to be done being pregnant but that is more for comfort reasons than anything husband just said this weekend that he was ready for this kid NOW.
  • I know that my husband is going to be a hands-on type of dad. I don't think he will just pass off the parenting stuff on me. He is ready to do whatever.
  • This doesn't apply to being a good dad, but it does for him being a good husband; my body has become increasingly more unappealing but Trevor has been so sweet about it all. He reassures me that everything is okay, it's part of life, and just makes me feel better. So maybe him calming me down actually is beneficial to this baby growing inside me.
  • One huge thing that Trevor has already been doing: he is our family's provider. He works hard and puts in long hours. It is something that he was doing for he and I, but it seems like so much more now knowing that he is doing it for our child now too.
  • Trevor is a strong priesthood holder. Something that I didn't have in my home growing up always. He will bless our baby and be able to give our family blessings that we otherwise wouldn't have if he wasn't a priesthood holder.
  • Lastly, and something that means a lot to me...Trevor works hard and does overtime so that I can be at home with Brody. I don't know what better thing he can be doing as a Father than that. I think it seems a little unfair sometimes, and I even feel a little guilty for being at home (especially right now), but Trevor does it without complaint. Plus, he WANTS me to be able to be at home for as long as we can possibly manage.

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. You really don't know how much you are appreciated. Also, thank you to all the men out there who aren't father's but have been there as teachers, coaches, or neighbors to kids who have needed them.!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I've noticed lately this tiny little ticking movement in my belly. I could not figure it out for the longest time! It is not a big movement. It couldn't be kicking. Also, it was a very constant ticking like a clock. My belly doesn't even hardly move when it's going on. It occurs almost daily now too. When we last went to the doctor Brody was on my right side like usual, but from what the doctor could tell he was head down with his little rear up closer to my ribs. If in fact, this ticking sensation is hiccups it would totally make sense because I feel them way down low like where his head and chest would be.

Talk about the weirdest sensation!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thoughts at 30 Weeks

Things that seem to be on my mind lately:
  • I'm getting bigger every day, but I still haven't hit the completely uncomfortable stage yet.
  • Getting out of bed/off the couch/out of the car/up off the floor takes longer and more effort than it ever used to.
  • Sometimes I can't breathe and I'll stand up and take deep breaths in and out just so I don't feel like I'm suffocating.
  • This little human being does in fact have to come out of me.....more than a little terrifying if you ask me.
  • I am 3/4ths of the way finished with being pregnant.

  • For the first time I am really starting to wonder what this kid is going to look like. I've thought about it before, but now I wonder about the details like will he have brown eyes like me or blue/green eyes like Trevor and all his brothers do.
  • There's this old wives tale that says if you have heartburn your kid is going to have hair...none of my mom's kids had hair, but Trevor and his siblings all did.....BUT considering how much heartburn I have endured this baby better come out needing a dang haircut.
  • Some people are lucky enough to not have stretch marks...I'm not one of them...AND it gets worse everyday. Pregnancy is not the time to be vain, but seriously this is one thing that has made me more than a little sad.
  • I keep hearing that you should have really good skin when you are pregnant, but mine sucks more than ever.
  • Will I be a good mom?
  • Our lives are about to be forever altered. I hear it's a good change, but I still can't imagine how different it's going to be.
  • My maternity shirts are getting a little smaller (well, I'm getting bigger, but it sounds better the other way), but I am still able to wear my own jeans.
  • I really have 10 weeks left, but I tell myself I only have 8.
  • If anyone has a heart they will pray for me that it will only be about 8 weeks.
  • People want to see pregnant belly shots (this week their blurry, I know), but I know it's really because you all want to see how huge I am and then you discuss the fact amongst yourselves.
  • Is it hotter everywhere, or is it just me? Oh yeah, it is me....
  • I am so glad I don't live in the valley for these last 8 weeks!
  • The area around my bellybutton is extremely sensitive, and this kid thinks it's funny to push really hard right there whenever I am out in public, which makes me want to cry sometimes when he does it hard enough.
  • Speaking of belly buttons....mine has not popped like a turkey timer yet. Woot-woo!
  • I've heard that when you are carrying a boy you carry low, that is not true for me.
  • If so-and-so can give birth, I can too....right?

I can't believe that I am this far through! I thought that I thought about pregnancy and this baby a lot before, but it's nothing to how much I think about it now especially with all this time left on my hands. Exciting but really scary. It'll be nice to put all my worries and thoughts away in a few weeks.....even if they are just going to be exchanged with a whole bunch of new ones!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's Slowing Down

Now that school is out things have definitely calmed down around here. At least, for me they have. Trevor is as busy as ever. Work is always busy for him during the summer months and so he is putting in long 11-14 hour days! I don't know how he does it, but I do appreciate all the hard work he does for us. He is a good husband. I wouldn't want to do his job!
With the end of school also comes my birthday. Normally it's not that exciting and I really dislike it, but I have to say that this year was one of the better bdays I have had in a while. I love looking nice and going out to eat, so I had lunch with Julie and Kaitlyn and then dinner with Trevor. Eating out twice in one day.....always good. My mom also did a lot of little things for me and just really went out of her way to make my day good. I love when she gets me anything because it's things that I have maybe mentioned I wanted or things that I would love. My favorite thing wasn't anything big, but I couldn't believe she even remembered I wanted it. The Stake had put together a recipe book and she got me one of those. Not anything huge, but it meant a lot to me that she pays attention to things that I like! What a good mom....

I did finally make in to the doctor! Yay. Of course it took like 5 minutes like I knew it would, but I actually saw the doctor instead of the nurse practitioner. Everything was perfect. My blood work came back good, so I was happy. The only thing was Dr. Connolly pushed all over my belly to feel where Brody was sitting, but he was pushing so hard! When we walked out even Trevor commented that the doctor could probably touch my spine with how far in he was pushing on my belly. Not so comfortable.

We got a rocking chair and matching ottoman a few weeks ago, and I love it. Sometimes I just go sit in Brody's room and take everything in. Originally the chair was like 200 bucks but we got it for 80! Talk about a great deal! We were so excited....well, maybe I was more excited then Trevor....
Another thing we just got on sale was a couple of end tables. I know that's not very exciting, but you see they matched out entertainment unit. I seriously think that a house is a constant work in progress. Whenever I think we have just finished a project, or things are the way we like them we find something else to get done or that we think we need. I'm always unsure of how I decorate anything especially when I see some of the cute things other people do, so I just try and do my best, but I really am excited about having matching furniture! There are still things that I want to do to finish off our little family room, but we just do what we can bit by bit. If anyone has any advice or decorating tips I am always open for new ideas!
I feel a little bored without having a job to go to, but it's been nice to be able to keep up on all the housework. I just do a little bit everyday instead of doing it all at once now that I have time! It's so nice!!! Other than keeping up with chores there isn't much else going on with me. I anxiously count down the weeks until Brody gets hear and keep my fingers crossed that it'll be a little less. Trevor is super busy with work, and he has a basketball camp he'll probably be going to with the basketball girls in a few weeks....but other than that we are glad (or mostly I am) that we have hit summer and things seem to be slowing down and relaxing!!!