Friday, October 27, 2006

Boys will be boys

Have you ever noticed that no matter the age, you can't take the boy out of a man? When Trevor and I went to Utah for conference with his parents, we decided to take a much more scenic route. We went to the famous Lee's Ferry crossing where many many pioneers crossed. It was also known as the honeymoon trail. So I was taking pictures when I turned around and saw Trevor leaning way over the edge. I asked him what he was doing, and he was trying to spit and make it land in the water. That is right, SPIT! I would expect that from a boy, but not my husband! I'm sure many of you can appreciate the humor in this! No wonder Trevor gets along so well with his nephews, Grant (age 3) and Preston (age 1)!


Normally it is assumed that the wife has the homemaking responsibilities, but bless my husband's soul for sharing that responsibility!

Since being married I have done a lot of things that I've never done before, because well, I didn't have to. Never have I painted a wall, or really nailed things into the wall. But now I have a whole house that is a blank canvas. I am so lucky that I had a supporting husband that helped carry out my ideas, that at times, may seem crazy to him. He let me paint a kitchen red, and when I wanted waynscoting to go around the bottom half of the wall, I had no idea how to do it, but he figured it out, and he really did most of the labor.

Another thing I am slowly learning is how to cook. I mean, I know how to cook, but there are so many things I have never made before. We didn't ever really have homemade bread and that is one of mine and Trevor's favorite things (I know: carbs, carbs, carbs), so I have tried a few recipes and I can make some pretty darn good white bread, crescent rolls, and my new one is pumpkin bread. Rolls, however, are a constant battle for me. Last night was my latest challenge: salsa. I could eat chips and salsa for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I don't have a clue how to make it, so last night I asked my cousin Julie how she makes hers and she roughly explained and it turned out not too bad! YAY! (thank you Julie)

I try out all these "adventures" on Trevor, but he seems to enjoy most of the things I have made minus the pumpkin bread. Of course, he is less picky than the cook, and she never thinks her food is all that great.

Trevor has been the best though. I am so crazy about my cleaning. If you have ever watched the t.v. show friends I am the equivelant of Monica. Bless Trevor's little soul, because he has every Monday off and he does all the house cleaning! He mops and dusts and sweeps and everything else. However, I drive him nuts because the Monica in me comes out and I re-clean some of the stuff he has cleaned. I am truly grateful though because it makes my job so much easier.

Thank heavens for husbands that share the homemakers job!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome to Trevor and Taytum's site

I have a few friends who are on here, and I thought that it would be good for my husband, Trevor, and I to also start a blog of our own. I have one on another site, but this will be nice for our families and friends I think.

Trevor and I were married on January 6th, 2006, and it has been a pretty good 9 months so far. Married life continues to be great, but has also presented challenges that I don't think you ever know until you get married. I didn't bargain for picking up Dr. Pepper cans all the time, but on the flipside I don't think Trevor knew how bad of a clean freak I can be! Overall the little quirks we each have seem to be something to joke about, and we learn to love those things about one another.

There's not much more to say now. I will work on getting some pictures up. Or for that matter, taking some pictures. I don't think we've taken any since we got married! Photograph overload I guess!