Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brody's First Swim Lessons

Finally this year Brody got to be in swimming lessons!  The rule at our local pool is they must be 3.  Unfortunately for Brody, he turned 3 just shortly before the pool closed last year, and he missed out on getting lessons.
Lucky for him, his Uncle Kade (or as Brod says, Uncle Kader Nelson Garner) got to be his instructor this session!  Kade will probably be going on a mission in the next few months so it was super fun to have him as Brody's teacher this year.

The day of the first lesson we got up and got all slathered with sunblock and put on swim trunks, and then it sunk in that Brody was going to be doing something he'd never done before.  It made him a little nervous.  Actually, probably a lot nervous.  He was trying really hard to not cry.  I had to do some reassuring that it would be fun and that there were going to be lots of kids!

Once we got to the pool and Brody got in, the nerves were history.  It really was fun!
Brody having never had a lesson in his life, was put in the youngest class.  They really spend most of the time teaching these little ones to not be afraid.  Believe me, there were a lot that were afraid.  Brody looked like a rockstar compared to some of the other ones.  I was so proud of him.

Some of the fun things they got to do and learn were riding the "magic carpet," blowing bubbles, learning to bob and go under water, 'float' on their backs, 'race' each other, and jump into the pool.

Brody even made a buddy while he was there named Axton.  I think its so fun that my kids are becoming friends with the children of people I went to school with.  This particular little boy was just here with his Grandma for lessons, but his dad is Jordan Romero.

One thing they really wanted the kids to do was hum in the water.  I think it was so they would learn to keep their mouth closed and blow bubbles out their nose while underwater.  For some reason this was one thing Brody would not do.  Everytime he was asked he would either tell them a flat out no, or say not right now.  Its not something he can't do, he just won't.  Okay then...not going to force him I guess!

Even when jumping in the pool Brody would 'dictate' to Kade or Hannah how far they could go before he would jump to them. 

After 2 weeks of lessons Brody was signed off to move up to the next class!  There are 2 more swim lesson sessions this summer and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to get him in because space is limited.

(Is it weird that I feel old having a kid in swim lessons?  I mean, he is signed up. to participate. in activites!  Eek!  Where has the time gone?)

Egg Masterpieces!

After 6 years of marriage by husband with the scrooge like attitude towards all holiday activites is finally coming around.  This year when Easter rolled around we were at Walmart doing some shopping and decided we had better purchase an egg coloring kit.  Brody still remembered it from the year before and was anxiously awaiting to do it again!  Well, imagine my surprise when we get home and I find the ultimate-supreme-motherload of all egg coloring kits I've ever seen.  Trevor claims he didn't see the .97 cent ones, but he's not fooling me....

Well, Easter weekend just came up so fast!  I hard boiled the eggs and had them all ready to go, but we were so wrapped up in a project (more on those another day...) that we didn't get around to it.  Me being the awesome mom that never tells white lies or misses anything, I decided I would just store the kit away for next year.  That is, until, a week AFTER when Brody spotted the kit that I hadn't stored out of sight yet and said, "mom we almost a-got (forgot) to make eggs!"  I told him we would do them next year and he started to beg!  I told him to ask his dad if we could do them and so the saturday after Easter that was what we did!

As I said before, this was the motherload of all egg coloring kits!  I didn't even realize how much so until I opened it up.  Besides the normal 6 colors there was 6 more.  And glue.  And glitter.  And sequins.  And beads.  And paint and brushes.  And stickers.  And the magic white crayon.  And probably more that I can'e even remember.  I knew the 12 eggs I had boiled just wouldn't be enough.  So another dozen it was!
First things first, we had to set up all the stuff, protect the table with a disposable cloth, and take off Brody's shirt so that the inevitable spilling of dye won't ruin it.

Lucky for Ryder, this year he didn't have to sit on top of the table in his bumbo seat as a spectator.  He got to participate and put his own 'creative touches' on some eggs.

See, Mom!  I have a paintbrush!  (yes, we were probably a little nuts for letting him have paint)

Oh, all new things with Ry....he has to taste them to make sure everything is kosher...

And since Mom doesn't get in many pictures because she is taking them, we decided to TRY.  This was the best out of about 5....

Brody concentrated pretty hard on making everything look just right.  He even said as we were getting everything out, "this is incredible!"  I don't know where he learns some of the words he knows but he is great at coming up with some adjectives.

Ultimate egg coloring with the ultimate coolest boys I know. 

And we always have to get a picture of the mess that gets all over Brody.  Its less than last years, so that's impressive.

And finally as Brody would say, "his masser-pieces!"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Easter at the Waite's

Each morning one of three things happens...1) Brody wakes up and comes down and announces to us that he and/or his brother are up which aka means get up too! 2) Brody wakes up and climbs up onto our bed and slides himself under the covers and lays there quietly until we get up too or 3) (and this is my favorite one) Brody gets up, turns on the tv, and gets his cup of juice and just plays quietly until we get up.  So....imagine our surprise when Trevor and I wake up Easter morning BEFORE our kids!  Despite being all hyped up about the Easter bunny, he didn't wake up early.  We were so shocked.  We made the trek down the hall to our sweet boy's room and he was just waking.  We asked him if he remembered what day it was and when he gave the appropriate and excited answer we said, "I wonder if the Easter bunny came?  Maybe you should look out your window and see if you can see anything?"  As we raised the blinds Brody exclaimed that there were Easter bunny "foont-prints!" 
In all the commotion and excitement Ryder woke up too and wanted to see what Brody was seeing! He got excited too just because everyone else was!

Before we could do anything else we had to go check out these amazing footprints the Easter Bunny left.
 Brody kept saying they were "snow foont-prints", but curiously the powderey prints looked an awful lot like flour.....hmmm....
Once we went back inside we saw that our entertainment center had been decorated and a note was left for the boys!
 Of course, being that Brody and Ry are just little guys, they needed a little help READING their special note!
When Trevor was growing up the Easter Bunny always hid his and and his brother's easter baskets, but it was the first time the Easter Bunny ever hid Brody and Ryder's baskets.  Like always, Brody being the good big brother he is, he helped Ry find his basket.
 After the baskets were found, it was time to find eggs!  I think the Easter Bunny was a little worried about the sprinklers coming on and ruining the eggs and the goodies inside them, so he just hid everything inside.  Ry caught the egg-finding concept fairly quickly and loved being part of the hunt with his big brother.
Then he really loved the eggs when he saw what was INSIDE them!
Brody lined up all their "loot" to show us!  He even counted how many eggs there were.
 After all the excitement and a nutritous candy filled breakfast it was time to put on our Easter best for church, but certain people weren't exactly keen on this part of the day....