Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little Dude making Big Steps

I never want to be one of "those" moms. You know the kind that thinks their kid is a prodigy or something? My boys are the best, to us at least, but they aren't perfect and we are totally aware. I am not one to say Ryder is talking simply because he's been babbling mamamadadadabababa for months now. I also would not say he is walking even though he has circled the furniture while holding on, or because he'll walk behind a toy with wheels. Even when he started taking 3 or 4 steps I wouldn't call it walking. Attempting to walk, yes. Actually walking, no.

Until about 2 weeks ago....

Part of me says FINALLY, at 13 months you're walking! The other part of me says, SIT DOWN NOW! I am not really ready for a toddler. I want my baby for a while longer!!!!

But he's doing it. Everyday his steps get more and more sure. If he falls in the middle of the floor he can get himself back up to standing without any assistance. If we say, "Get up, buddy!" he knows exactly what we are mean, and he does it. He is choosing to walk as his main means of transportation as opposed to crawling. He even thinks he can run, but his legs just aren't quite ready for that.

Its fun to watch Ryder LITERALLY following his brother's footsteps, but it feels like one milestone down, many more to come....less and less baby more and more big boy!