Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Like most holidays I did my best to make this Halloween a fun day for our kids. 

I started the day by making chocolate chip pancakes. I let them choose to wear the costumes all day. At lunch we didn't just have pb&j's, oh no, they were cut out into the shape of bats. We participated in the annual Halloween parade where Brody, Ryder, and Nash got to sport their costumes and march around a small area of town. Finally, and most importantly, we did the fun trick-or-treating...., now.... We did do all of the above. There just might be a few minor details left out. I meant to make a half batch of pancakes, but that was scratched when I poured the last ingredient, milk, in at the normal quantity and had no choice but to make the big batch and waste most of it.

The boys did choose to wear their costumes all day, but minutes before leaving Ryder had a meltdown wanting regular clothes on. There may have been tears and yelling and threats of no trick or treating involved on mine and Ryder's parts. 

My bat sandwiches were cute, but the chocolate milk cascading across the table and onto the carpet by the 5 yr old I had just told to eat and quit messing around wasn't.

The baby that had to be interrupted from nursing so I could find a towel to mop up the aforesaid milk mess because Brody suddenly didnt know where towels were wasn't too thrilled, and i can't say I blamed him because I wasn't either.

The parade was ok until the very end when somehow someway my poor Nash slipped out through the bottom of his stroller onto the pavement towards the end. I think the blanket I had all around fell out too and broke his fall because not a single scratch was on him, but man, did he cry. I was mortified that he had fallen, worried about his well being, and embarrassed that I didn't double check how secure he was in his seat.

Trick-or-treating nearly didnt happen. Well, it nearly didnt happen for me and Nash. I felt so guilty I thought I should stay at home with him and keep a watchful eye on him. Trevor wasn't there to see the fall, but he assured me through my tears that Nash was ok.

Needless to say, I'm glad this Halloween is over. I lost my temper, I yelled at my kids, and I was neglectful. Bad parent of the year award goes to me. I am feeling incredibly guilty and yet, I still think if you asked Brody and Ryder how their day was they'll think it was great. Thank goodness kids are quick to forgive and forget our shortcomings as parents. Talk about tender mercies.