Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Playing for State

This year, as well as the two years before that, Trevor has been really busy coaching girls basketball. The first year he just volunteered, but now he is the JV girls basketball coach and assists on Varsity.

Last year the girls made all the way to the state championship game, but ended up losing. It was sad to say the least, but there is always next year, right? With only losing one starter from the whole team, we knew it was definitely possible, but it would be a hard road. The girls were going to be on the metro side of the bracket, and that always makes it difficult.

We lucked out a little, in that two of the teams we were concerned with got beat out in their region tournament. There was still concern with having to play Valley Christian. Wouldn't you know thats exactly who it came down to. We were going to have to play them to get to the championship game.

So last Saturday was the big game. Valley Christian was 32 and 0 (I think). We came out and didn't play a very good first half, but by the second half we finally turned it on. Needless to say we ended up being tied with only 7 seconds left in the game, but one with a buzzer beater shot at nearly half court. From all accounts it was pretty amazing.

My husband called to tell me the news seconds after, and from the sound of his voice I thought that HE had made the winning shot. I thought HE was going to be playing for a state championship.

His voice sounded that excited, but the video that was shot was even better. Our school website posts game highlights, and it is hilarious! If anyone would like to check it out, it's well worth the 4 minutes of your time.

This is the website you need to put into your search engine:


Then click basketball on the left hand side of the page, once that shows all the games click on the very last video.

My husband is in a red shirt and he's the one jumping all over the place. It is so funny. The girls have definitely been giving him crap about it. But who can blame him?

We play for a state title this Thursday at 10:oo am.

Amateur Photography

Once upon a time I liked to think of myself as someone that had an "eye" for taking pictures. This is not the case anymore. It seems like everyone and their dog has become practically professionals....okay, maybe that's a bit extreme. Seriously though, I just think that its not that I have an "eye" for photography, I just can point the camera in the right direction, and occasionally I surprise myself with a fairly decent photo. I also think that more and more people are using photoshop for their pictures, and since I don't have a computer at home, I just don't have the time to do that. I wish I did because you can take a pretty good picture and make it a pretty awesome picture. Lately I use our digital camera to shoot pictures, but I truthfully love my old tried and true Cannon 35mm Rebel camera. There is such a difference between pictures I take on it than on the ones I take with the digital.
A while back I found a roll of black and white film that I hadn't used so I decided to have a day of taking pictures of Brody. I finished off the roll pretty fast, but I have taken forever to get it developed.
Until now....
I have to say, even without any touch ups, some of these pictures have really come out well.
Then again, maybe its just that the subject was so dang cute that how could they not?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Little Explorer

Brody will get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, but the actual crawling is a complete mystery to him. The art of the army crawl, however, has been perfected by Brody. He can get just about anywhere. He may not exactly be the next Christopher Columbus, but he is definitely exploring his own surroundings quite a bit these days.If Trevor and I turn around for even half a second, Brody is off. Every little thing can easily be spotted and if he can, Brody will stick it in his mouth. Brody has also figured out that if he pulls on the bumpers in his crib he can see over them. He does it to see if we are in the room. Each day he likes his crib more and more. Sometimes he doesn't even cry when he wakes up. I'll hear this banging noise, so I go into Brody's room and he has his feet propped up on the back of the crib just banging away. He is just getting too smart.
Whenever Brody gets caught getting into something he turns and looks at us with a big smile on his face like, "What Mom? I'm just looking..." It is so funny. For the most part I let him get into just about everything he wants because I think its good for him to figure out things around him, but there are a few times that I have to tell him no. His reaction to the no is even more funny. I don't know how he can know at such a early age that he is in trouble, but he knows. I don't yell or anything I just firmly tell him, "Brody no-no." He gets this big huge frown on his face and he'll maybe even whimper or cry. That is really hilarious.Everyone has always told Trevor and I to enjoy our kid before he starts to get into everything, and I have to say, I kind of enjoy him getting into everything. Maybe I'll start to go crazy after a while, but I think its fun to watch Brody learning and trying to figure out things like the handles on the cabinets. It has yet to bug me and my OCD ways. I really feel like each day he gets more and more fun.

I love love love seeing Brody grow!