Thursday, May 31, 2007

Long-awaited pictures

Over a month ago, I was so excited to be visited by Bailey and her family. Of course, she didn't come to St. Johns just to see me, but I'll take it anyway. While she was here Julie brought her baby Kaitlyn over to my house while Bailey was there with Brody and I took some pictures of them. I meant to give the pictures to Julie so she could post them, but since that hasn't happened they are being posted now!

These pictures don't show it very much, but the two little ones were so interested in one another. It was really fun to watch their interaction with each other. At one point, Brody was leaning across to Kaitlyn and eating her shoes. It was so funny.

I can only hope that my future kids will be as cute as these two! (if not that possible?)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Congrats, Birthdays, and Goodbyes

My family has been so busy lately! I know that this time of year is that way for everyone but it has just been nuts it seems. First things first: Kade graduated from 8th grade on Thursday. He was announced in the top 10 of his class and that came as no surprise. We were so proud of him. We had kinda figured he would make it there, but we were almost positive he wasn't the valedictorian or salutatorian. We decided to break the news to him before graduation so that he wouldn't be expecting it and then be crushed when he got it. BUT my mom and I were wrong! They called up the top ten and then gave a little spill about how there were two that excelled above the rest, and then called Kade's name as salutatorian! We were so shocked! Even he paused on stage. I have always been considered the "second mom" and so when the kids do well at something or are hurt or anything I feel like I share the excitement or pain as much as a mom would. Needless to say it wasn't any surprise that my mom and I started crying out of pride and joy for Kade. He has done so well. We are so proud!

Saturday our family put together an open house for Spenser. It was really nice because people could come and go and eat with us without infringing on family time. People were just passing out money left and right to Spenny. It was so nice, and such a blessing.

Sunday was Spenser's farewell talk and he did really well. Especially because he didn't prepare until late saturday and early Sunday. His talk was on temples which was perfect because he has gone so much. It was a topic he handled with ease. I was pleasantly surprised with how together he was. It made me realize how grown up he really is. Afterwards we had a luncheon at my mom's in honor of my birthday and just so we could spend some extra time together.

Today was a day of hanging out without anybody besides our immediate family for most of the day. It has been really pleasant and fun.

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Spenser leaves for Brazil! It seems a little anti-climatic because he is just getting dropped off at the Show Low airport, but he doesn't seem to mind. I can hardly believe that this day has finally come. We Love you ELDER GARNER!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I am a firm believer that Mom's are the coolest thing ever invented! There are lots of important roles in this life, but there is none more special and sacred than that of motherhood. We may not get to hold the priesthood ladies, but we get to be the MOTHER'S of priesthood holders. I have heard it said that mother's are the backbone of our church. How true is that? Today as I sat in church and listened to some of the young men talk I realized how lucky I am. I can't wait to someday be a mom. There is nothing more in this life that I want than to be a good wife and a good mother. I don't think any mom would claim to be perfect, but I don't think many kids would change anything about their mom's. I know I wouldn't. I hope that I can teach my kids some of the things that my mom taught me. I would love to have good kids, that are respectful and loving. I want them to be examples to others. I want kids that both my mom and Trevor's mom would be proud to call their grandchildren!


Friday, May 11, 2007

I got tagged

I got tagged, and I know the rules, but I am not going to tag 7 other people, because I don't have that many people on my site! So if you read this and you haven't been are now officially tagged by ME!

7 unusual things about me.

1.) I am obsessed with chapstick/lip gloss. This drives Trevor nuts! I blame it all on my mom or maybe I should say Santa, for supplying me with lipsmacker products in my stocking since I was like 4.

2.) I love the t.v. show Gilmore Girls. Not that my mom and I are like Lorelai and Rory, but we are more like friends than mother and daughter like them. I think that is why I love the show so much.

3.) I hate going to bed without having my legs shaved! There is nothing worse than the feel of prickly legs on soft clean sheets.

4.) Even though sometimes I would like to ditch the responsibility of being the oldest child, I seriously LOVE being the older sibling. I like being the one they look up to. I like feeling like I am important to them. Who wouldn't want a little sister who thinks I should be on american idol even though I can't sing well at all.

5.) Fact number 4 leads me to this one.....secretly I would love to sing in front of an audience....I always wanted to be the one that sang the star spangled banner before home basketball games in highschool.

6.) Reading is my PASSION! I finally broke down and read all of the Harry Potter books even though I swore I wouldn't.....needless to say, book number 7 hasn't come out yet, but I already pre-ordered it from Plus, I have a wish list of books that exceeds way more than I can spend!

7.) I am NOT pregnant at all, BUT I have already painted the room designated for future kids. I also scour the internet for the bedding I would buy at babies r us. And the crib that I found on wal-mart. Plus, clearance clothing on dillards and target and every where else. It is really sick. The crib I like isn't even in stock anymore so I am on the emailing list for when it is. sick sick sick.

Now you know 7 things about me, that you probably didn't need to know! haha

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rocket Launch

I feel like I am the worst sister! I always talk about my family, but I always seem to skip over my brother, Kade. Sometimes you would think that the poor kid didn't exist! Really and truly though, he is one of the greatest kids ever. He is so thoughtful and good to my mom. Plus, he is really intelligent. This kid has a good shot at being the valedictorian at his 8th grade graduation in a few weeks. But that is beside my point.....

Today, the 8th graders launched rockets that they had made at home. Pretty much every kid that has passed through St. Johns Middle School halls in the last few years knows what I am talking about because we all made one at one point. I remember what mine looked like. It was painted in pink, light green, and purple camouflage. (where those colors would hide anything is beyond me) The difference now, is that the kids are pretty much on there own. They are given the cardboard tube, but after that they take it home and design the structure, and the appearance.

Kade's rocket sported the name "Red Eye". Although it didn't fly the furthest, it did go fast, and he got an award for best design. It was lots of fun to watch, and remember when I was a kid.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Step Back in Time

Recently I have been looking at everyone's sites and just enjoyed all the pictures of everyone's kids. I can't imagine what it will be like to someday have kids. What will there names be? Will they look like Trevor or me? My predictions are that they will be born with no hair at all and when it finally comes in it will be blonde like Trevor's was when he was a kid. I tried to scrounge up pictures of Trevor from when he was a kid, but this is the youngest I can find. In case you can't tell, the two pictures of the nearly bald kid are me. haha. I love looking at old pictures!