Wednesday, November 25, 2009

15 Month Stats

Today was Brody's 15 month wellness check up. He has been 15 months for 2 weeks now, but we barely got in to the doctor today. I love going to these check-ups because I love seeing how much Brody has grown, and also seeing what percentile he falls in for his age group. Unfortunately for us, the doctor's office whole computer system was down. That meant we did find out his stats, but couldn't chart it on the computer and see where he was for his age.
As of today Brody weighs 25.8 lbs. That is up 2 pounds since his last appointment 3 months ago. He has also grown a half an inch, which puts him at exactly 31 inches tall. He seems to be growing well, learning, and changing each day.
Brody is still a pretty pleasant kids. He likes just about everything, but I'll give a short run-down of some of his favorites. He loves: balloons, mom & dad (of course), being outside, dirt, riding tractors with daddy, wearing shoes and anything on his head (weird for a little kid, but that's Brody for you), wearing nothing at all, bathtime, cuddling when tired, lights of any kind, bottles of things that he can organize, dogs, other kids, books, the list goes on.
The list of things Brody strongly dislikes is much smaller: food (that is when he is getting teeth like the current 4 molars), being told no, getting his diaper changed, and getting clothes put on (once there on he's fine, but before that....), and milk in a sippy cup (that only goes in bottles apparently).
Brody can do lots of things now too: run, climb, point out his head, eyes, ears, nose tongue, tummy, and toes when you ask where those things are, he nods yes all the time when he wants something, he says dunt, nop (sometimes dop), gog, and nononono which roughly translates to don't, stop, dog, and no-no (yeah thats nice words like mommy or daddy) he tells my mom's dog to shush, Brody gives squeezes and kisses (our favorite!), and high fives followed by "pounding it" or knuckles as some people say.
I could go on forever about this kid, but thats all for now. Besides, I don't think anyone besides Brody's mommy and daddy really find this stuff remarkable!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

I cannot believe that October has come and gone! Seriously, where was I? We have been so busy it seems that we didn't get to fully enjoy the month! I love fall, and especially October. Everything we did seemed a little rushed because we put things off to the last minute!

We didn't get Brody's Halloween costume until the week before Halloween. It wasn't that I didn't look its just that I never could find anything that I loved. Trevor is such a scrooge and all "bah-hum-bug" about holidays too that I felt a little discouraged. He didn't want me to spend money on something Brody would only wear one time for a few hours. He also kept telling me that Brody wouldn't remember it anyway. Finally after pouting about it Trevor said it was fine, I could go ahead and get a costume...of course, if you ask him he'll tell you that he never said I couldn't get a costume. Technically, I guess he didn't say NO, he just made me feel not so excited.
Less than a week to go I scoured Walmart, Walgreens, and Kmart in their VERY picked over Halloween section. We found a giraffe costume that was pretty cute. It was a 12 month size, but we thought it looked big enough. There weren't any sizes bigger in any costume unless I went really big. One plus side to waiting so long was that I got the costume on sale for only 9 bucks! Woot-woo.When we finally put Brody in his costume, it was a little more snug than we had hoped for! He couldn't walk very well because the seams were stretching in his feet, croch, and head/face areas. If Brody tried to look up it was so tight that it would make his eyes slant down like he was sad. It was hilarious to see him. There was a little Halloween parade that Brody and I walked in the morning of Halloween. We went by and got Julie and Kaitlyn and went together. The kids were given orange balloons and had a great time. Brody couldn't have been more content as I pushed him in the stroller. It was really pretty fun. After the parade we made a few stops visiting grandparents and great grandparents then came home, stripped off the costume, and resumed normal afternoon tasks.
As evening approached we finally sat down to carve pumpkins (yes, another thing we had put off because we were too busy). Brody sat on top of the table and "helped". He didn't really care for the guts of the pumpkin, but he was curious about how the pumpkin itself tasted. He had a little carving tool that he kept poking at the pieces we cut out and after a while he'd try those pieces out in his mouth. It was lots of fun!
That night we stayed in and passed out candy with Brody in his costume. Overall, a pretty fun Halloween!