Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grateful Sunday

Okay so Erin started writing things on her blog that she was grateful for each Sunday. I think that it's a good idea, but I am pretty sure that I won't write every Sunday, so don't count on it every week. Today, however, I'm feeling a lot of here goes.

I am so very grateful for our church. I am thankful for leaders that no your needs, like when to be released from callings (cough, cough...primary). I am especially grateful for wonderful relief society and it's lessons each week. I feel like I am spiritually armed and ready for the week in front of me. I am grateful for a mom who has shown me strength and let me be independent even though she just wanted to have a cuddly kid. I am thankful for in-laws that invite us over for yummy dinners when their daughter-in-law has been extremely lazy in the cooking department this summer (in my defense it has been too hot...). I am thankfull that we have a heavenly father that knows when we need to hear a certain message at church and provides it even when we didn't know we needed it. I am grateful that the weather has finally started to cool down!!! I am SO thankful for a cousin (Julie) that helped me repair my website when I couldn't get it to work, and now it is so dang cute!!...if I do say so myself. I am grateful for missionaries and the work they do (elder spenser garner...and soon two of our cousins elders whiting). I am grateful for a co-worker that I can talk to like an equal and totally knows what it's like to NEED A PEPSI! I am so thankful for younger siblings, especially the ones that make us laugh. And lastly and probably most importantly......I am grateful, thankful, and any other words that apply to a husband that loves me unconditionally. Through my crankiness when the house is hardly dirty at all. For someone that makes me feel very appreciated most if not all the time. For someone that laughs at my sillyness, but then tries to act like it's not that funny at all. For a husband that is taking me to California next week just because we didn't go on any vacation this summer. I am so grateful for Trevor and everything he is and does!

Remember that Thanksgiving isn't our only time to count our blessings and be thankful!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Noah's Arc may be Needed

Okay, so I am sure many of you have heard by now that St. Johns has flooded! It has seriously been so crazy here. Not only is the rain nuts, but the lightning storms are like nothing I have ever seen before. Every day there have been interruptions on t.v. and the radio about flash flood warnings for all the surrounding areas. My favorite warning came on the radio one day when we were out driving. It is all an automated voice so it sounds funny anyway, but the guy gave a warning about not driving on roads covered in water and then said, "Turn around, Don't drown." It was really funny, but I guess you would have had to have heard it.

This picture is from out at the driving range. This building was nearly buried in water. I took this after the water had even gone down! The water is only about 6 inches from the doorknob. We have really needed the rain around here, but unfortunately we got our prayers answered really well the other night. Several houses were flooded. All of the homes that were flooded were in our ward too. On Sunday morning there were so many homes that needed to be cleared out that our bishopric and many others were out in there boots helping anywhere that they could. Not many people even made it to church.

This picture shows some of the went over to both sides of the road. On the left hand side there was water clear out in the field, and then the road right there had to be closed and this lady with a cabin house had like two feet of water in her home. It was really sad. Our house was right where the water was running, but we were fortunate and didn't have any damage. We had been out to the movies in St. Johns when the rain started so we missed most of the storm, but when we got out we were in our car and we weren't able to take the dirt road down to our house because the water would have run into our car! Trevor's parents had to pick us up and take us to our house in there Tahoe.

They had to close the roads that run by the ice house, and the one that runs by the Lee's and the Raban's. This is the water that was running beside the road after they started letting people go on those roads. This was by the Raban's and then it ran across the road and went right into their yard, and then kept going down the road. I don't think you would believe it if you saw it!