Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mr. Turtle

Trevor and I have really done our best to not go out and buy every single toy out there for Brody. We really don't have the room for a bunch of toys, but also he seems to like things like and empty bottle of why spend all the money?
Don't get me wrong...Brody isn't without toys, we just haven't gone crazy buying a ton. A lot of the things Brody does have, have been given to him. His FAVORITE thing these days is this stuffed turtle that my mom and siblings picked out for him. If you push on one of the feet of the turtle it even will giggle. It is really cute.
Brody understands us more and more, and if we ever even say, "Brody, where's your turtle?" He will turn his head and search until he can find the turtle. Once its found, he goes and gets it. At this point he either cuddles with the turtle, or he brings it to Trevor or I and has us cuddle the turtle and him. It is so sweet. The turtle comforts him when he's sad, when he's just playing, in the goes with us just about everywhere!
Trevor and I have never insisted that he play with the turtle or any other toy more than the others, but this stuffed animal has definitely become his favorite!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Daddy

Mommy knew the day would come when I would want Daddy more than her....

That day hasn't quite hit yet, but it is VERY fast approaching.

I love to wait for him at the screen door for him to come home...

I love to copy what he does....

I love when he chases me.....
Lately I love when he plays rough with me....
I just plain LOVE MY DADDY!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Howling

In nearly every scary movie at one point or another you hear a lone wolf howling at the full moon, right? Well, I am pretty sure that the wolf has left its former hollywood days, and has come to live at our house in the form of a certain Mr. Brody Jay.
That's right...he howls. I don't know where this noise came from or even why it started. It is not a noise that Trevor and I make, so he definitely isn't imitating us. We hear it more often in the car than anywhere else.
It isn't scary coming from the brodester, but it is pretty funny.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Steps

For quite a while now Brody has been figuring out his limits. He pulls himself up to standing and then holds onto the furniture and walks around it. He will move the dining room table chairs all over (and I have scratched floors to prove it), and he'll even hold onto the wall as he walks from one room to another.

BUT....finally this week, Tuesday, July 7th, Brody took his first real steps! It was so exciting, and slightly bittersweet because our BABY is now becoming a TODDLER! It seems so crazy.

Just one week shy of being 11 months and the little man is walking. He definitely still prefers to crawl, but he is getting braver by the hour. At first we could only get him to walk when we had him walk back and forth to us, but today he is letting go of us or furniture and walking off by himself. We just cannot believe it!