Monday, December 07, 2009

Spenser & Stormy GARNER

It's hard to believe it, but my little brother is a MARRIED man! Not only is he married, but now he's practically a pro....he's been married over 2 weeks now. That must make him an expert, right? Seriously though, I cannot describe how excited I am for Spenser and his new WIFE, Stormy. The newest Garner family was married on November 21st. They had a reception that evening in Goodyear (i think thats where it was), and their second reception was here this weekend. Everything seemed to run smoothly, and turned out really nice. The wedding itself was really nice. I was lucky enough to go to a friend's wedding in August, but Spenser and Stormy's wedding is only the 2nd wedding I have been to in the temple since my own, and the first time for Trevor since ours. The ceremony itself is the same for everyone, but the guy marrying them can say a few things before, and he did such a good job. I really feel that he said things that he felt impressed to say, and not just a bunch of stuff he wanted to say. It was nice to get to re-hear those vows you take because you forget about them through all the hustle and bustle of the big day. Spenser and Stormy both seemed nervous....him more than her though...a few tears were shed by them and by some of us there. Overall, just a really really good ceremony!
That night was Stormy's reception. All along we knew that they had a movie themed reception. I could never wrap my head around the whole theme. I thought it was a cute idea and super fun, but I always think weddings should be ELEGANT. How was this supposed to be pretty? But it really was! I was so impressed! It was still fun, but it was so nice! Because you were supposed to feel like you were at the movies they had nachos, popcorn, and candy. They had a dj and a little music video that they made. It was really fun.
This weekend we had the reception here. It stressed my mom out, and she worried a lot, but truthfully I think it turned out GREAT! We were able to bring a lot of the decor from the first reception, but they were definitely not the same. I think they were equally nice. The only thing I think was a little disappointing, was that for all the invitations we sent out, a lot of people didn't make it to our reception. There were 3 different tournaments going on that made a lot of families be out of town, and its a really hard time of year to plan weddings, but we still thought there would be more. My wedding was kinda the same way, but we also didn't get married at the greatest time of year. I always find it surprising who ends up coming, and who doesn't. There are people that I thought would for sure be there that weren't, and then there were those that I never thought would come at all but did. Very interesting.....
I was asked at the first reception to give the newlyweds some advice on their wedding video. I was put on the spot and couldn't think of anything. I did end up telling them congrats, and to come home often, but I couldn't think of one other thing to say! Of course on our way home I thought of plenty things! So I'll give a little now: (this is something I am still working on and learning more and more) when you get married you are really two seperate people from two seperate families. There are things each of you have grown up doing a certain way, whether that be holiday traditions or just the way you load the dish washer... there are bound to be things you do differently. The thing to realize though is that just because your significant other does something different than you it doesn't make it wrong. Learn ways to compromise or figure out what works best for you two.
We love you guys, congrats again....and have fun on your honeymoon cruise this week (I am SO jealous!!!)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Life Before Baby

All the time I hear people say things like, "We don't know what we did with ourselves before (insert baby's name here) came into our lives." I never knew how true that would ring until I had my own kid. Every aspect of our life has been invaded with baby stuff! Even my blog that used to be funny and sarcastic has become more like a shrine of our little Brody. I really don't mind it all. I'm sorta glad that our world revolves around this sweet little guy, but every once in a while I feel like there is not one drop of me left for myself!
What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that my blog used to be fun and people commented, now its all about Brody everytime and no one ever comments....which then (this is so lame of me...)makes me occasionally pull out the pity card and think, "I have no friends anymore!" It also means that everytime we go to the store we get more excited about buying clothes for Brody than just about anything else there is to buy. And lastly-and this is my favorite thing of all-

It means not even going pee in privacy! If the door happens to get shut all the way we get to listen to a very upset little boy that feels extremely left out. He then sticks his face and hand as far under the door as possible. Instead of being annoyed that you can't even go to the bathroom in a little bit of piece and quiet you end up laughing and this face pressed against the floor peering out at you.
When we went to the valley for Spenser's wedding I decided to take a bath (something that NEVER happens, almost always showers), and apparently I didn't close the door all the way because pretty soon the door flings open and here comes the Brodester. Yep he decided to come for a visit. I just figured that rather than climbing out to get him out I'd just let him stay. This was all fine and dandy as Brody reached over the edge and splashed my water a little, but then he decided to be a little more brave. Brody began to hitch his leg over the side and join me. I gently pulled his fully clothed body out before it really got in. Before I knew it, Brody dove head first in the water! My legs caught him so he didn't completely crash, and it could have been worse.
Brody wins again. No privacy for mom, and he ended up getting stripped down and in the bath like he wanted all along.