Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mom and Son Doctor Day

We have had a busy week. Doctor and dentist appointments and baby showers. It seemed we never stopped this week.

On Thursday, both Brody and I had dr. appointments. My apt. was in the morning and it was my first one for this pregnancy. I have felt like this pregnancy is not quite reality yet, so I was pretty excited to go and hear the baby's heartbeat. I have to say, this pregnancy is pretty similar to the first one. I am more nauseated, but just like with Brody, I have only thrown up one time. A major difference is that with Brody I had heartburn before I even realized I was pregnant, and I have only had it a few times with this one. At the doctors it was the usual first appointment. They made me pee in a cup, I had my blood drawn, and got all my woman parts examined (yuck. I don't think I'll ever get used to that!) and then got ready to hear the baby's heartbeat. While they were putting the doppler thing on me Brody got really concerned that they were hurting me and he said, "Ow!" a couple times until I said it wasn't an ow. For one reason or another they couldn't find the heartbeat. I have felt so apprehensive with this pregnancy so it made me panic a little. When the nurse practioner came in she said she would send me for an ultrasound normally, but the tech was gone this week. Of course, that is my luck, but the good thing was she could bring in a small handheld ultrasound machine. With Brody we only got one ultrasound so we were excited to see this baby. It took only about 2 seconds when we saw the baby moving arms and legs all over the place! Even though they didn't get heartones, this little one was moving and it put me at ease. I was told I am 12 weeks along, baby looked good, and my due date is September 8th.
Brody's appointment that afternoon was much shorter, and less stressful than mine. It was just his 18 month wellness check-up. I know, can you believe we have an 18 month old? He is such a big boy! I love these check-ups even if they usually are accompanied with shots because I like to see how much he has progressed. As of Thursday Brody weighs 27 lbs 2 oz which puts him in just the 63rd percentile, and he is 32.5 inches tall making him in the 53rd percentile, and his head, well its big! He has evened out quite a bit on the growth curve, but he seems so big to me! The doctor once again said he is exactly where he should be, if not ahead, as far as his development goes. When he got his shot he only was sad for a minute and shook his head and said, "no..." but once he got a bandaid (his current obsession) he was okay. He also got a sticker that he had us put on his face (another favorite thing to do). He amazes us with how much information he soaks in. His talking has remained limited to only about 4 words until he woke up on Valentines and began saying all sorts of other things and continues to say more each day.

So this week we say adios to my first trimester (yay, can't wait to start feeling good) and Brody being a baby as he seems to grow more and more into a toddler.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning was as good, if not better than what we thought it would be this year. Brody was so much fun! We couldn't wait to have him see what Santa brought him!

As usual, we knew that besides doing Christmas at our house, we had to go to both mine and Trevor's parents house. We were going to my mom's first and we had to be there fairly early, so we woke Brody up before he normally gets up and changed his diaper and fed him a bottle in his bedroom before coming into the family room where the tree was.

We really didn't feel like it was necessary to go overboard on the presents. As much as we wanted to, we knew Brody didn't need it. So he got a couple of Barney movies (yes, our kid likes that stupid purple dinosaur) and his cozy coupe car. Being that was all that he was getting we had the car out and waiting. As Trevor brought him down the hall this groggy little boy started to smile when he saw his guck (truck). He got right in it, and wouldn't leave! We tried to get him out to open his movies and his stocking, but he refused so they were opened in his truck.

We had so much fun seeing Brody's excitement. After that we went to my mom's for a way yummy breakfast and to open presents followed by going to Trevor's parents house to open more!

Trevor and I felt way spoiled this year! We received so many things that we needed, and Brody...well he just got down right spoiled! Its good we hadn't gotten more for him because he got more than necessary!

We can't imagine how fun next year will be with Brody understanding everything even more, and having a new baby too! Two kids for x-mas....sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

This year I think we were more excited than ever to celebrate the holidays. Yes, we had Brody for all the holidays last year, but this year it was so much more exciting because he could actually enjoy things and understand a little bit. Of course we had to do Christmas Eve at my Grampa Stradlings house. It was so nice because we were able to just walk over there this year since we live so close! It was a little bittersweet knowing that this was going to be my Grampa's last Christmas eve with us, but I am so grateful that we did do it!

I honestly try and think why I love this tradition of going there every year, but there really isn't anything extraordinary about that evening. I think what I love most is that we are there with all of the extended family. Every cousin and aunt and uncle that can make it, comes. Its so fun to just all be together, especially with those that don't live here or close by.
We always always have mexican food and that is never a bad thing if you ask me. When we were younger every grandchild opened a present from our grandparents, but now that we are older we have received a card in the mail with a recipe that our granma or great grandma used. I really love this idea and think its better than any present I could get.
All the great grandkids received their own x-mas card and a gingerbread cookie this year from grampa and Laura.

I think every great-grandkid was there except for one, and it was so fun to see them all interact and play together. There was constantly noise, and I know it wiped out our grampa but I loved every second of it.

When Brody was born he was the first one of 6 new great grandbabies to our family. This year at Christmas Eve we had them altogether for the first time and it was so neat to see all their different personalities. I can't wait to watch them grow up together and play and hang out during the 24th of july and all the holidays, they will have so much fun! I was able to get a picture or all of them together, but of course they aren't all happy and they aren't all looking!!!
After we went there we walked back home and Brody got to open up his christmas pajamas and we put him in them and then went to look at x-mas lights with Trevor's parents. Brody really loved lights this year. He would press against the glass and make oh's and ah's. He couldn't get enough of them! Even the houses with only one string of lights made him excited. Unfortunately he was pretty exhausted so we didn't stay out very long before it was time to go home and go to bed so Santa could come!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


January is gone and now we are a week into February. Basketball season really takes a toll on keeping up on this thing. Not to mention, christmas and everything else that has kept us busy that I have had no time to post about.

The first week of January marked mine and Trevor's 4th anniversary! Talk about crazy. It seems like we have not been married that long, but at the same time it feels as though we have been married longer. We have so much to be thankful for these last four years.

Unfortunately because of the time of year we chose to get married, it seems we are always too busy to actually celebrate our anniversary. This year was not any different. The day before Trevor had a basketball game to coach and then he had practice the day of. I also was busy getting my first root canal on our anniversary. Talk about a great present.....

We ended up just going to dinner here in town and Brody came along. The biggest present of all was that we found out that Brody is going to be a big brother! That's number 2 is on the way. We are pretty excited and think that is the best present we could have received on our anniversary!