Friday, April 25, 2014

Lost Tooth

Brody informed us quite sometime ago that he had a tooth that was loose, and was so excited about it! Every family member was informed of this tooth, from grandpa and grandma's, to aunts and uncles. The tooth wasn't really ready to come out and it stayed loose and in his mouth for a long time. Until last night that is....

We had a healthy dinner of hotdogs,corn-on-the-cob, and Jell-O salad(can you tell how ready we are for BBQ-ing season?), but I noticed that Brody was eating funny. Every bite he took was from the side, instead of the front. I asked him why and he had said his mouth hurt because of the tooth. I wiggled it and was surprised at how close it was to coming out. Trevor then felt it and told Brody how easily he could pull it out. Wrong thing to say. Brody became extremely nervous. On the verge of tears, nervous. Trevor and I assured him that it wouldn't hurt, but if it did it would only last for a second. Still not a chance is going to let us pull it out. Trevor told him "just take a bite of your corn that will make it come out." Brody went back to the table and said, "okay but it still might hurt a little bit.." We were fairly convinced that he wouldn't actually do it. Next thing we know he's saying, "I did it, I did it!" We hurry over to him and sure enough there's a hole in his mouth, but note tooth to be found. Trevor thought Brody had swallowed the tooth. I did a quick scan of the corn and found the tooth disguised amongst the kernels. Talk about an exciting new thing for Brody!

Trevor ushered Brody to the bathroom so he could climb on the counter and get a look for himself at his new hole-y grin. There was a bit of bleeding so we had to stop that before pictures could be taken. I got a few on my phone, but sometime between those pics and getting out my 'real' camera the tooth was lost! We searched high and low and could not find it. We came to the conclusion that it probably fell down the drain. Nothing like losing a tooth out of one's head to then turn around and promptly lose it down a drain.

Brody wasn't the least discouraged (he was still on the tooth losing high), and especially not when I said maybe we could leave the tooth fairy a note. I wrote one out explaining the circumstances, Brody signed the bottom, and we sealed it up in an old jewelry bag of mine and put it under the pillow.

I woke up today expecting to hear excited little voices telling me of the spoils the toothfairy left. So not the case. I went to make Nash a bottle and walked passed a very somber 5 1/2 year old laying on the couch. Brody soon followed me in stating very seriously (and with tears nearly in his eyes), "I have some bad news. The toothfairy didn't come!" I was like, "whhhaaat? Are you sure? Was your note in the bag still there?" Apparently, Brody forgot about that so he went back to check. Lo-and-behold a grinning boy came back holding a bag with quarters! Brody said the bag was in the back of the bed by the pillow. I'm sure the toothfairy put the money in a more noticeable place, but the tossing and turning of a little boy during his sleep, caused it to move some. However, Brody thinks the toothfairy was up to some trickery! He told me with that new one-less-tooth grin on his face, "that toothfairy is a STINKER!" 

You're probably right, Brody boy.