Sunday, March 28, 2010

16 Week Appointment

With my first pregnancy I felt that I talked about it A LOT. It probably wasn't the most exciting thing for everyone else to read about, but we were so thrilled that it was hard to not want to talk about it.

Well, pregnancy number two isn't all that much different. I may not be gushing about everything, but I am just as thrilled. I cannot wait to cuddle a new little one. Brody still enjoys being held and loved on, but it usually lasts all of about 2.5 seconds before he's off and running.

I feel pretty awesome about now. Yay for second trimester. I'm also LOVING the very little to no heartburn that I have had this time around! I think I've only had maybe 3 tums altogether! That is a record compared to the Brodester's pregnancy.

My appointment went as routine as could be. We did finally get to hear a heartbeat!!! Its just taken a while. It was 144 beat per minute. I don't know if that is fast, slow, or right in the middle.

I believe that I have started to feel a few little flutters that are the nugget moving around. Its pretty exciting, because that is what I have looked most forward to with this baby.

Our next appointment (not telling when that is) we find out if whether 'it' is a boy or girl. I can't believe its almost time for that! It has gone by so fast. I feel about 99% sure that its a boy. Trevor thinks I'm wrong and that this baby is definitely a girl. What would we like to have? Well, truthfully we both would like a girl, but I just feel very strongly that it is a boy....maybe that is because we can't agree on a boy name, but we've had a girl's name picked out for like 3 years.

So anyone wanna guess??? Boy or Girl?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Let's Talk

I think for most kids the first words they say are mom and dad. Not for Brody. We have patiently been waiting for him to call us mom and dad!
Months ago Brody began to say his first couple words, hot and guck(this means truck). Then as weeks went on he added a couple more words like ouch (which he has now figured out can be shortened to just ow!) and of course the big N-O!
Then he woke up on Valentines and got a little gift from mommy and daddy that included a ball and a balloon so I guess he decided to start saying ball and boon(balloon). Among the other words he said that day were shoes and cheese.

Each day he seems to add a few words, but the real kicker came when I was giving him a bath. Brody has known for quite some time all his body parts. We ask him where his eyes are and he points, or when we ask where his buns are he pats his rear end. But then being the little BOY that he is he was touching his little boy parts and said we-rr. Hmmm.....he can't be saying what I think, right? Then he does it again and points. Yep, my son is saying weiner! I don't know if thats the most appropriate word for him to say, but he was saying it!!! He refuses to say mom or dad, but he knows how to say truck, and 'beep' when he drives a toy truck, and now he knows we-rrr!!! If that isn't a boy for you, I don't know what is!!!
But finally we have made progress! Two nights ago, Brody was looking at the wedding picture or Trevor and I that hangs in our room and he pointed and said, "mom!" and then "dad!" Yippee!!! Then he pointed at the pictured and said mom, but then pointed right at me and said mom! I know its not a big deal for most, but considering he's choosing to say EVERYTHING else besides mom and dad we were so excited. Its about time.