Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The New Babies

My extended family has just recently has a surplus of new babies. In a short span of like 2 months we added a Kenady, Kaitlyn, and a Trip. Talk about exciting. It is so neat to see these newborns, and to remember the place they just came from. They are the closest link to our Heavenly Father and miracles in themselves!

This weekend I was able to bust out some of my photography skills (skills being a very loose term, considering that I'm about as amateur as amateur gets). I first took some pictures of Julie and Butch's little girl, Kaitlyn on like Thursday that were all black and white. It was fun to do those because it was just me, Julie, and the baby and it was really relaxed and I didn't feel pressured or rushed. On Sunday, Jaymi and Dallas blessed their little Kenady, but I used mostly colored film, and I don't think they turned out quite as well. The babies were tired and hungry and I was just trying to hurry so the consequences of my rushing are a couple of people cut off in pictures and some of them out of focus. Boo. Oh well, maybe I could do better next time. Here is a sampling of some of my pictures, and if you go to Julies link she has more on her page.

(note to anyone looking at these pics....I'm NOT a professional, AND the only reason any of them turned out somewhat good is because how could they not w/ a subject(s) as cute as these)
The first picture is of Julie and Kaitlyn, and the second is of the new cousins Kenady and Kaitlyn.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Local Talent

Okay, so this is kind of cool. Actually I think it is really cool. One of the local doctors has a son who is trying to make it in the movie business. He makes movies and stuff. Well, apparently he has done part of a movie with the local community members, and especially some high school kids. If you go to the website below, you can watch a movie trailer with all of these people from St. Johns. It's really pretty neat if you ask me. I guess they are going to try to make it into a real movie. People have been donating, and they already have like 1 million, but they need another 2 million. Click on the website, then when you are on the first page, click on the screen, and then click on trailer to watch it.

go check it out!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Called to Serve

Last week my brother sent his mission papers in via the internet, and he has been anxiously waiting since! It's amazing how fast it has all happened. By using the internet he was able to send his papers on like a Tuesday and by Friday, when we checked the internet the status of his papers said they had already been sent back!

In the process of waiting, Spenser has gotten his patriarchal blessing. We were out of town, and he didn't tell us he was getting it, so we didn't get to go. Apparently it was a pretty amazing blessing....but I guess most of us feel that way about ours. It is directly from God, so how could it not be?

But anyway......Elder Spenser Chance Garner has received his papers yesterday and he has been called to serve in the Brazil Sao Paulo mission. He will report to the MTC headquarters in Brazil (not provo!) on May 30th. He is thrilled to death. Not only did he shed a few tears, but so did my mom and I.

We are so proud of him!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Our Anniversary Weekend

On Friday, Trevor and I took off for "the valley" to spend our anniversary. It was actually a really nice time. We didn't go do anything fancy, but we just spent time together. Whenever we are in Mesa it seems like our time is just split up in running around to visit my family and friends, and Trevor's family. Normally that's fine, and that is nice to do, but we wanted time all for us. I have been saying for a long time that I would like to go to the zoo because I haven't been since I was little, so we figured out where the Phoenix Zoo was and just spent the morning going from each different exhibit of animals. We really lucked out because they were closing in like 2 days until June. We also did some shopping. I had two gift cards that I had gotten for Christmas so I was able to spend those on new clothes. I had a strict stiputaltion put on the gift cards by Trevor, though. He told me I was to buy some longer shirts with the cards. He is constantly telling me that he can see my religion (aka my garments sticking out). We went to nearly every mall just for the heck of it. I went to a couple that I had never been to before, so that was fun. Of course, we did go out to eat and that is always a nice change of pace from the choices we have here. It was great weather so we got to have time in the hot tub at the hotel and that is ALWAYS fun.

Well, it's been one great comes year 2!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A milestone

Well, it's hard to believe, but Trevor and I are hitting the big first anniversary! It has been such a busy year for us. I had a whole blog written about our year but somehow it all disappeared, so I don't feel patient enough to write it again. We have been to Las Vegas a few times, and seen Celine Dion and Cirque de Soleil. I have had job changes. We celebrated our 23rd and 21st birthdays, we moved into a new house. We were put in charge of the 24th dances here, and have been involved in church callings. We also went to Lake Powell with my family, and up to Utah for Conference with Trevor's family. It's been fun, it's been crazy at times, but really great too. We can't imagine how quickly the rest of our years together will go! Along with the start of a new year, we begin our second year of marriage. Only time will tell what is in store for us. Happy New Year, in more ways than one!