Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Flies In

Being in a small town we sometimes miss out on all the bells and whistles that come with the city life. No freeways, shopping options are limited, not a lot of good restaurants, and definitely no malls with Santa Claus where our kiddos can sit on his lap. But we have something better than any old mall Santa. Every year Santa Claus flies in on a helicopter and lands at our elementary school. There aren't many (if any) towns that have a Santa as cool and hip as ours.
Brody was so thrilled about seeing Santa stick his head out the "copper" and wave. His excitement was only matched by the few hundred little kids standing on the school lawn chanting, "Santa, Santa."
Things only got better when Brody's Uncle Kade got out after the helicopter landed to help out Santa. We weren't sure that the school was open to the public, so Brody missed out on sitting on Santa's lap, but seeing him from outside the fence was pretty cool by itself.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Our stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
The boys opened new matching jammies to wear.

A quick pic before they nestled all snug in their bed
A huge fit was thrown by Brody instead.
We didn't think taking pictures would cause such a fight,
But, alas, we gave up and said....


Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was great this year. I normally don't love this holiday, but everything about it was enjoyable, and of course, all the food was awesome!
We celebrate all our holidays with both our families since they both live here. This year was no different. Most years my family does thanksgiving with our extended family, but this year it was just our little family, my mom, and my siblings. We were even lucky enough to have Spenser and his wife this year. We went there for lunch and had a great time, and then a few hours later we went to Thanksgiving dinner with Trevor's parents and 2 of his brothers.
We are SO thankful for our families, thankful that they live close, thankful for each other and our sweet boys. We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and remembered all the things they are thankful for.

Translation Please?

Everyday we are surprised by the things Brody says. Not only is he constantly repeating the things we say, but he is continually learning and saying things we don't even think we have taught him. Sometimes we go places or we are with friends and family and they look at us like, "what did he just say?" and because we are around him everday we understand it as clear as anyone else speaking we don't realize others don't. We have to repeat what he says a lot of the time so people know what he has just said.
Most words that begin with the letter 'F' are said with the 'H' sound. He has a lot of words that in the past he says wrong, but has learned to say them correctly, but this is one he still hasn't mastered. So if you here him say something about a "hireplace, hireworks, hog, or hore" it means: fireplace, fireworks, frog, and four.

If you ask Brody what his name is he'll tell you, "Bowie Jay Waite." He also tends to refer to himself in the third person. He hasn't really figured out how to use I's or me's yet. He knows all our names, and our families names too. I'm "mommy Tay-m" and Trevor is "Tre-er Joel Waite" and of course there's "baby Ry-er." He used to call my brother, Kade, cake but says his name right now. Taylor, Spenser, and Stormy however are still "Turry, Bense, and Dormy." Trevor's brother Adam also has a different name, he's "A-am."

There are always little words Brody says wrong, but the funniest things are his sentences. He is really good at the one-liners from Toy Story. At any given time you may hear, "Hinny-on(to infinity and beyond)", "Buh-white year re-cue (buzz lightyear to the rescue)." or "nake in boot (there's a snake in my boot)," when you come to our house.

The other morning Brody was drinking juice and I asked him if it was delicious and he said, "no wish-us(delicious), mom. Bowie, boo(blue) juice tay-tee(tasty)." Ha! SOO funny! He also told Ryder when he was fussing the other day, "baby Ry-er, chill out!" I can't imagine where he's learned that one....
If you ever need a good laugh you just need to hang out with a 2 year old. They say the funniest things, and they are far smarter than you would ever guess.

3 Months of Ryder

Time has just flown by since we have had this little guy! Having Ryder was SO much harder than Brody, and recovery has continued to be hard. I never got completely rid of my headache and by week 11 of post-delivery and still no relief the doctor sent me to get an MRI. Luckily they found out that I was no longer leaking spinal fluid, so that wasn't the problem, but the bad thing was they don't know what is. However, by week 12 my headache somehow started to heal itself. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. You don't know how good you feel until you feel bad. We have been extremely blessed though, with another good baby. He isn't the natural born sleeper like his brother (he's doing better!!!), but he is just so pleasant. He hardly cries, he eats well, he smiles a ton, and is just super mellow. As hard as a time I have had, he makes me feel like I want more. I can't get pregnant now (I have an IUD in), and truthfully I wouldn't really want to be, but if it happened I don't think I would be sad. Ryder is just so awesome that he makes me want more. He is just sweet!

Ryder will be 3 months old in a few days, but when we went to the dr. for his 2 month appointment he weighed 14 lbs 8 oz! That is exactly one pound heavier than Brody was at that age. It puts him in like the 96% for his age. Ryder is also in the 86% for his height, but he is almost an inch shorter than Brody was at 2 months.

Currently Ryder is cooing, smiling, and observing everything. He loves all of us, but he is always extremely interested in what his big brother is doing. He watches Brody anytime he is near. Ryder is still holding off on laughing, but he makes up for it with all the smiles and all the "talking" he does. He is such a delight to have in our home. I feel like I can't get enough of him.

We could not have gotten a better baby. We all love our sweet, smiley, chubby "baby Ry-er."