Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simple Joys

We have been in our house now for over a year and I still haven't posted very many pictures of our house. The thing is, I just want things to be perfect before I post pictures. Well, the reality is...its never going to be perfect. There is always one more home improvement to do. It never ends. On a nice crisp morning this week I bundled up the kiddos and we sat on the steps as we watched this going on:

That's right! We finally poured sidewalks(with some help from Trevor's dad and brother). Finally no more mud tracked into my house. Who knew that something as petty as cement could give us such happiness, but it really does! We are one step closer to not being in the middle of a giant patch of dirt and tumbleweeds.

We stayed busy (we as in Trevor while me and the boys we were just onlookers) all week with preparing for the sidewalks and also getting gravel dumped for our driveway areas.

We aren't rich ever going to get rich at the jobs we have, we don't have relatives that have money to pay for things, we haven't inherited money nor will we ever inherit money, and we aren't going to win the lottery because we don't play it and even if we did I have no luck so it looks like one project at a time, one year at a time. Sidewalks down....only a deck, well, grass, trees, and other plants, shed, fence, and other projects on our wish list to go!