Thursday, January 31, 2013

An Old Man

Ever since I was a young kid I have thought of being 30 as the end of the world.  Really, it just always seemed so old!  I don't know why.  The difference between 29 and 30 or 31 seems like light years apart.  Well, Trevor is 30.  He is not so old, but you better believe I had to make a big deal about it because I have always talked about 30 like it is.  I know I will be there in a couple short years, but I'll probably lay in bed the whole day and still claim I'm 25.

I did decorate, and build a mounded grave with a headstone for Trevor's youth to lay, but other than that it was a low key day....normally I don't even mention our bdays, but 30 is kind of a milestone. However, I forgot to even take a picture of the birthday boy. 

A few things we love about Trevor.
* He provides for our family
* He is a hands on kind of dad
* He honors his priesthood
* He is willing to serve others, and does it quietly
* He puts up with me and all my crazy OCD-ness
* He knows just when I need a break, and kicks me out of the house to get one even if its just for 15 minutes
* He loves and honors his parents
* He knows how to work hard
* He watches the bachelor with me and acts like he doesn't like it
* He appreciates the home I've created and decorated, even if he doesn't always get it
* He takes Brody to basketball practice even though he can be a distraction
* He has pride for the yard we've created, and takes care of it (i hate yard work)
* He is willing to jump in and do the dishes when he knows I'm tired
* He always keeps the inside/outside of our car clean
* He not only cuts his own hair, but the boys too (such a money saver!)
* He can answer most of my questions about church stuff
* He'll eat at El Charro everytime we are in the valley simply because he knows I love it
* He is appreciative
* He is my best friend
* He loves us {almost} as much as we love him

Happy 30th!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Silence is golden?
Silence=trouble and/or messes.

On this day, Ryder decided he needed to brush his teeth.
Using all 5 toothbrushes in the drawer.
It also meant dumping the contents of the drawers.
And using them as stairs to get on the counter.

How this "small fry" didn't break out the bottoms of the drawers is beyond me.
Normally my kids aren't climbers.

This was a surprise.
I love surprises.

Good thing he's so cute.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Boy oh Boy!

On the 9th we finally made it to my first doctor's appointment.  It was kind of a big one being that I was more than 19 weeks along and I was getting not only the regular appointment but an ultrasound too!  We made it a family affair and took the boys along too so they could see their baby brother or sister. 

Everything about this ultrasound was different from my other two previous ones with Brody and Ryder.  The ultrasound tech was a man, the room was bigger, the equipment was newer, they even had a second screen mounted on the wall so we could see better.

First things first were all the measurements; chambers of the heart, spine, head, body, etc.  When we got a view of the baby's entire spine Brody says, "it kinda looks like a alien...."  This of course made the tech guy give a little chuckle, but even more so to Trevor and I because we aren't sure that he even really knows what an alien is. 

Then we got to hear the heartbeat and see it beating.  Ryder says in this little creepy sounding voice while sitting on his daddy's lap, "scaaarrryyy....."  I think the dim lights and unfamiliar noise had him worried.  The baby's heart rate was over 150 beats per minute which made me think maybe there was a possibility we were having a girl.

The tech asked if we wanted to see the baby's sex an within seconds of us answering yes we saw boy parts!  I looked at Brody and told him he was going to have another brother!  He insisted, "no, it's still just a girl."  I had to say, "no buddy, that was his buns and weiner (excuse the terminology!)....its a boy."  This made the tech give a little laugh again and Brody scrunched his nose up and smiled.  For as much as he had wanted a sister he got over it pretty fast.

The ultrasound was over before we knew it.  It was much shorter than my other ones.  We didn't even get a 3d/4d one!  I was so bummed to not get a good look at our little man.  We could clearly see him give us the thumbs up, but never a good profile shot or anything.  Luckily, I was told they would give me another one in a few weeks and it would be in 3d/4d.  2 ultrasounds in one pregnancy!  I have never had that.  I am so excited!

We were settled into the rest of the appointment when Trevor asks me, "are you okay?"  Meaning are you so bummed that you aren't getting a girl?  I honestly could answer that I was okay.  I would love a girl.  I want a girl.  Me getting a girl?  Probably not in the cards.  I never got my hopes up.  I was really and truly so worried about the baby being okay, that I was just feeling relieved.  I have said that if we have 3 boys in a row I might be done.  I got that ultrasound and I knew I really didn't feel that way.  I still want 5 kids, even if they are all boys.  I told Trevor, "maybe we'll just have a whole basketball team.  we can just have 5 very good looking boys like Mitt Romney does.  that doesn't sound so bad to me..."

The nurse practitioner came in and said everything looked good.  My due date is June 1st.  Baby boy was measuring exactly for that date.  Normally their size can vary a few days, but he wasn't.  June 1st it is.

We left the doctor's, got my blood work done, and then went to get some pizza because we were all starving!  As we sat eating Trevor said he thought we needed to pick a name NOW.  There are about 20 people just in our tiny town that are expecting babies between May and August and he said he thought if we picked a name and put it out there then no one could accuse us of "stealing" their name, or if we heard a name we liked we wouldn't not pick it because someone else had.  Trev even said, I don't care if someone does pick the same name, but if we say now then we didn't take it.  Great.  I like having a name to call the baby.  Only one problem.  We hadn't been able to agree on any boy names.  We have had a girl name set.  Boys?  Not so much.

I turned and asked Brody what we should name the baby.  He said, "Mr. Smee!"  Hmmm....captain hook's trusty right hand man?  I don't think so....

Moving on.  Trevor asked me my top 5 favorite names.  I have pregnancy brain.  I couldn't remember my favorites.  He said he liked Tanner.  I like that name a lot, but was it what I wanted?  I told him my favorite name of all right now is Nash.  He said that he liked it!  What?  When previously mentioned that was not one he was a big fan of!  Nash had grown on him.  He like it!  Nash it is!  Now for a middle name.  This took a little longer to decide.  Were we going to stick with 'J' middle names like the other boys?  I didn't really care if we didn't, but if we did what 'J' names did we like?  We had a few picked out, but we needed one that sounded good with our single syllable last name and Nash's single syllable first name.  It came down to Jaxon or Jentry.  I liked Jentry best, and Trevor didn't care so Jentry it is!  Nash Jentry Waite has a very nice ring to it....

Next was telling everyone the news.  We made it facebook official and sent texts out to family.  We are going to be the proud parents of three healthy little boys. 

I had been so feeling like everyone would be disappointed about us having another boy.  Trevor said it was all in my head.  As days went by, and we told more people without fail everytime I said the word 'boy' I got the same reaction,  a head tilt and a 'oh...another boy...?'  I wasn't crazy!  People are like invested in the gender of our kids and seem to be so bummed.  I'm not bummed, so why should they???  After getting this response for several days I finally asked Trevor if he was getting it to and he said he was too!  Head tilt and all!  I have only had 2 ladies seem happy for us.  One even exclaimed, "Now you can say My Three Sons (like the old tv show)!" 

That's right....My Three Sons.  Or better yet, "Our Three Sons"  it sounds good to me.  Brody Jay.  Ryder Joel.  Nash Jentry.  It is going to rowdy, loud, and crazy!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Pregnancy #3 Thoughts

Think of just about every weird thing your body could do while being pregnant, and I'll bet mine has done it this time around.  I am not joking.  Not even a little.  You could throw me in a man cave with some burly men watching football and I would fit right in.  I could spit, scratch, and burp with the best of them. 

Did you know that some women have excessive salivation during pregnancy?  Well, I was lucky enough to be one of them.  I'm even more lucky that it has finally stopped.

I have always suffered with extreme heartburn, but for one reason or another I have had serious indigestion problems this time around as well and the only relief is burping.  Gross, disgusting, MANLY burps.  I sometimes wonder who it is thats burping, but really its just me.  I have never felt more attractive in all of my life.

The end of the day is a blessing.  Thats when the bra comes off.  Thats when I give 'the girls' a nice -and much needed- scratch.  I am. So. Itchy.

I always go through the lovely 1st trimester nausea.  Its always uncomfortable.  But I have always counted my blessings because my actual puking is very minimal.  Like only one or two times.  This baby has had other ideas.  My nausea normally subsides right around week 12 or 13, and yes its not constant, but I still occasionally have it.  I have also thrown up way more this time.  My gag reflexes are stronger than I ever remember them being too.  ( I know, pregnancy karma has caught up and all you that are extremely sick don't even feel a little bit sorry for me!)

I am so super tired.  I could take a nap everyday.  Sometimes I do!

I also have this lovely tingly, burning sensation that runs in my thighs after I've been standing for a while.  I'm telling you....every weird thing possible has happened to my body.

Despite all this, I remind my husband constantly how lucky he is.  I really don't freak out or complain all the time.  I still make dinner.  I still keep the house clean.  I still get dressed and wear make-up.  I am pretty low maintenance.  I am not that needy.  Pregnancy is no picnic, and I do have bad days, but its not a disease.  Life still has to go on, and my family still needs me.  Somedays I may not put on make-up, or I may skip mopping the floor for a couple weeks, but those days don't happen too often.  Trevor is a lucky man, right?  Or at least thats what I'm going to keep telling him.

So when is baby #3 going to make an appearance?  Well, due to insurance I decided to wait to go to the dr until the new year started.  I went online and looked up a due date calculator and it said my due date is June 2nd.  We'll see how accurate that is in less than a week when I finally visit the dr.  Lucky for me, I'll be nearly halfway through my pregnancy and get my one and only ultrasound!  Yay.  I am extremely nervous about it.  I worry so much that something will be wrong.  I just want to KNOW that the baby is healthy and okay. 

The boys are both aware that mommy has a baby in her tummy.  If you ask Brody if its a boy or girl he says girl.  I keep trying to gently tell him that it may be a boy.  He always replies, "We just don't need a boy.  We already have 2 boys.  We have Brody and Ryder."  Guess we'll have to wait and see!