Friday, April 20, 2007

I've failed as a good housekeeper!

No joke....I used to pride myself on having a very clean home. All my pride has been dashed by the arrival of not one but TWO mice in my house! This is not as funny as some people (including Trevor) might think!

We have heard the distinct sound of a mouse underneath our sink where the trash can was. Then we found mouse poo to confirm our suspicions. I hate bugs, snakes, and mice so this was no laughing matter to me. I didn't want to ever go in the kitchen at night when it seemed brave enough to come out. Trevor just kept telling me I couldn't let a mouse bother me because they are more scared of me, then I am of them.......that's up for debate if you ask me......

The plot only thickens from there. One night I turn on the light and go in the kitchen and the mouse is on the counter next to the oven and scurries down behind it. I let out a huge scream and yell to Trevor in the next room that I saw the beast (aka tiny mouse). He just dies laughing. Of course it would be funny to him....he didn't have to see it come out and greet him! He just tells me he'll go buy some traps and catch it.

The next day Trevor sets up several traps, and informs me that it will be caught within a day. Luckily, we didn't have to wait so long. The mouse was caught within a few hours. I didn't want to see it though, so I went in the bedroom and shut the door, so Trevor could dispose of the dang thing.

So, with a little skip in my step I went in the kitchen later on that evening, knowing full well our mouse is gone. I turn on a light, and low and behold another mouse has come out to say hello to ME! I scream louder this time, and yell, "There's another mouse!!!!" Trevor is rolling on the floor at this point. Why can't he find the mouse? He's not the one afraid! He sets up the traps, but this mouse was way smarter. We had to go buy more, but I am proud to say that sucker died! YAY!

I know this sounds funny and all, but I really feel like a dirty person now. When it comes down to it, I know that people just get mice, and it is especially bound to happen when you practically live in the middle of a field like we do. But why would a mouse want to come in my house? I never leave dishes in the sink. The dishes are done nearly every night, if not put in the dishwasher. The floor is swept and mopped weekly......Why me?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Tombstone Road Trip

Last year Trevor's parents took a little trip to Tombstone, Arizona. They had been watching the discovery channel or something and saw that the worlds largest rose tree grew there. They decided to go and check it out. You have to pay to go through this museum, and then out back is this huge tree that has to be held up by several poles because it is so big. Unfortunately, when they went last year they found out that the tree only blooms once a year, and they had come too late. This year, they decided to go again this April when it blooms and invited Trevor and I along. We figured why not? So here are some pictures from our day. This first one was taken in front of the trunk.

Trevor and his parents.

Apparenty, this contraption was used for women who gossiped or spoke excessively. Trevor wanted to take one home for me. haha. (what a comedian my husband is)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I think I might be 5

Today as I got up and got ready for work, I was hurrying around and I even left the bed unmade. Trevor had already been gone for hours so he wasn't even there to be distracting would think I could dress myself by now right? WRONG! I finished getting ready, locked the doors, and headed off to work. As I am walking into the school I feel something itchy on my chest. I had picked out this sweater with a V-neck and a striped undershirt. Well, my undershirt was on backwards! The stupid tag was scratching me! I am so glad that I found it before I started class and had my tag come out in front of the kids! 7th graders can be so brutal.....

(this is why I don't update....these are the things that are going on in my life....not interesting, I know)