Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home Improvements

I got really ambitious last weekend and decided to paint the cabinets. I had only like 30 minutes until the hardware store closed and so I made a quick decision and bought some paint and supplies. I knew before hand what a huge project I was taking on, especially considering that Trevor told me he wasn't going to help (little did I know that he would actually follow through with that promise). So late Monday night I got started while Trevor was laying a wood floor in our bathroom.

I didn't have a whole lot of time so I mostly took down all the doors with a power drill (???), which I have never used before in my life! And took the hardware off. Then I painted the skeleton of the cabinets with a primer before bed. Needless to say, our kitchen was a disaster! Plus, I had work all week so I would come home and put in a little work, but not much got done in between work and all of my sister's little league bball games we were going to.

Finally on Saturday I finished....and don't you worry I primered and put two coats of regular paint on all the cabinets without Trevor lifting a finger. But he did come to my rescue when it was time to re-hang the doors (but I'm pretty sure that's because he didn't trust me to do it myself).

I have to say, it looks pretty good, but we weren't done there. There is a bank of cabinets that are just in the way so we completely took them down and put them on a different wall. It totally changed the look of the kitchen, it is so open now. I love it. I don't have pictures of it, but someday maybe I'll get around to posting them, when it is a polished product.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coach Waite

We have been so incredibly busy lately that we just can't seem to keep up with everything, including this site! Part of how busy we are comes from Trevor's coaching. That's right! Coach Waite....

Soon after basketball season started Ray Davis asked Trevor to come help him coach the freshmen girls team. He agreed because he can't seem to ever say no to Ray and because he loves basketball. There were a few nights of him coming home grumbling, though. Whenever I would ask him what was wrong he was just say, "GIRLS basketball." Don't take it the wrong way, but he just could not understand some of them. His patience would stretch a little thin at times when they weren't getting the basics of bball. Of course I tried to be supportive, so I went to all the games, and I was able to understand what he was talking about a little better.
As the season progressed, it was really fun to watch the relationships Trev developed with these girls. He has come to like them, and like coaching "girls". He seemed to do a pretty good job so he was soon helping with the JV team, and by the end varsity as well.
It was a rough season and the girls struggled a bit, but Trevor's already thinking about next year, so I guess the girls aren't as bad as he thought. I am slowly bringing him around to the fact that we girls are pretty cool, and that it's not always about the boys........(even though it was at his house growing up!)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This is Our Sacred Duty

As I started this blog I kept hearing the words to, "I love to see the Temple," running over and over in my brain. Last Thursday was a big day for my brother, Spenser. It was his first time to the temple.

My mom, Spenser, and I went to the distribution center on Wednesday afternoon to buy all his stuff. It was quite the experience! Of course, while there mom bought a few new pairs of garments and I bought a couple too. It was the first time I have bought any sort of temple clothing since I went through over a year ago! I love new garments, it's the best. Plus, it was nice to have brand new ones when we went the next day. Basically the whole counter was devoted to our stuff. Spenser was pretty excited.

The next day dawned, and being that neither step-dad or real dad could go to the temple, Trevor was Spenser's escort and they left about an hour before the rest of us. I thought that it was really neat that Spenser would even ask Trevor, but that's who he wanted.

Everything went really well, and Spenser had a lot of people there for him, and afterwards we all went to lunch. He seemed to really like the temple, and I was happy for him, because my first time was not that great. I think that I just thought it was a certain way and it wasn't. I came out thinking that I belonged to the craziest church! I wish so badly now that I had prepared myself more for the temple so that I could have enjoyed it better. There are still things that I don't exactly love.....but everyone says it grows on you.....(let's keep our fingers crossed) It's hard to admit, but going on Thursday was only my second time to the temple. That's how hard it has been for me. I'm not going to lie, when I say that I am just a little envious of those that just love the temple. However the second time around was a lot more enjoyable. Knowing what was going to happen lessened the weird-ness for me.

But back to Spenser....he did so awesome. He can't wait to go back again. He doesn't leave for a while so he is going to go as often as he can. The best part of the whole day was seeing all of my family there together. It definetly puts what you learn in the temple into perspective when you see three generations there. Then to put the cherry on top, I looked at the card with the name of the person my mom was doing the work for, and how ironic could it be that I was doing the work for that woman's daughter?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Belated Birthday Entry

Long time no write....I know! So what's new with us? Well in case you couldn't tell from the entry heading we celebrated a birthday at our house! Trevor turned the big two-four (24). It's kind of ironic that this birthday was celebrated after our first anniversary, because when Trevor and I were dating he used to tell me that he didn't even want to think about getting married until he was 24....haha. When life hands you lemons......

Anyway...When asked what he would like for his birthday Trevor would either say, "Nothing." or "I want my dentist bill paid off." Now if that doesn't sound like a married man talking, I don't know what does. Of course, as anyone knows, you can't get nothing for your birthday, and to be quite honest, not only is getting your dentist bill paid off not fun, but it is so expensive that that gift was out of reach. Being the procrastinator I am though, I didn't have a dang thing planned. His birthday was the 31st, which was the middle of the week! I didn't have a lot of opportunity to go get a gift, so I decided to take off a tad early from work to run to Show Low (45 minutes away), but as luck would have it, that day it was storming all over the place and I was told there was too much snow and it probably wasn't safe to go, so I opted for the less options route and went to Round Valley (30 minutes away). I jetted over there and I didn't get anything exciting but I bought a shop vac, which is great for Trevor because he is always cleaning out his truck, and now he doesn't have to go spend money to clean it. I also bought a bunch of cinnamon heart candies that he loves and went home and wrapped them all nice.

The second part of my plan was to make it as festive as possible at the house. This worked out well because Trevor was at a game and didn't come home until the evening. My mom had board meeting so she couldn't make it, but Trevor's parents came. I hung a banner saying Happy Birthday and set up a card table with a tablecloth on it and his presents including cards from his parents and mine. I also made homemade chili beans and sopapillas, and of course CAKE! His favorite kind of cake is chocolate with rainbow chip frosting...odd but actually good. I did all of this in a manner of hours and as you can tell by the pictures I was a bit frazzled by the end of the night, but it was a fun night and he seemed happy. So overall I pulled it off despite last minute preparations.

Happy Birthday Trev!