Sunday, August 23, 2009

1 Year Older and Wiser too

On Thursday I took Brody to his one year wellness check up. As I drove to the doctors, I thought a lot about this past year and all that Brody has accomplished. It amazes me how much his little brain can soak up. I still believe that each stage of his life is as fun as the last. I keep hearing that one stage or another is better, but I don't think I could pick out one age as my favorite....they all are. As of thursday Brody weighed 23 lbs. and 2 oz. He started out such a big baby, but he is just evening out finally. His weight puts him in the 55% for his age. At birth he was 9 lbs. and 1 oz. Even though Brody has gained 14 pounds in the last year, I think that if he wasn't into EVERYTHING all the time, I think it would be more. His height at birth was in like the 96th percentile, but it has also gone down a little bit. He is currently 30 and 1/2 inches tall putting him in the 72nd percentile. And as for his head....lets just say its kinda big..... Brody still only has 6 teeth, but they seem to be growing in more and more. He walks everywhere, and tries to run, but his legs just can't keep up with him all the time. Crawling is rarely and option.
Still no talking from Brody. He knows exactly what we are saying, and he knows exactly what he wants, but he chooses not to talk. If we ask him where daddy is, or where mommy is, or even where is the light? He will point exactly to it. He knows when we say let's go bye-bye to head to the door because we are leaving. If we ask where his shoes are, he'll go get them. And probably most funny of all is when music comes on and we tell him to dancin dance, he'll bend his legs and move his arms.
Now that Brody is one, we have switched him to more table foods. He struggles a little with some textures, but he loves most everything. So far he really has liked cheese, fruit, hot dogs, spaghetti oh's, macaroni and cheese, and eggs. He doesn't hate, but tolerates: oatmeal, peas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and whole grain waffles.

Brody's current favorite things include: his stuffed turtle (as always...), food, the broom, other people but especially kids, dogs, mom, dad, wearing shoes, being read to, and getting into every single drawer that isn't kid proofed and pulling out the entire contents of that drawer.
Brody's current dislikes include: the dark, the thunder, sudden movements (he freaks for some reason), getting his diaper changed, not getting what he wants, being told no, sleeping in the car, and most definitely not shots.
He has just been so fun. I still cannot believe that my baby is one! It is so weird to think about how little he was last year in comparison to this year. It has just gone so fast.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brody's First Birthday

It is hard to believe that a year ago yesterday at 3:05 in the afternoon the best thing to happen to Trevor and I entered into the world. That's right....yesterday our little Brody Jay Waite turned one year old!
The day was pretty relaxed. We put up some streamers and a birthday sign, and got ready for Brody's birthday party. We really didn't want to do anything too big, but you only turn one once, and a lot of our family is here and we knew they wanted to see the birthday boy. We ended up with a pretty good turn out. Trevor's parents, 2 of his brothers, my mom, and my 3 siblings all showed up for some hamburgers, hot dogs, and cake. I attempted to make Brody's cake, and I guess it turned out okay....but it wasn't exactly how I wanted it, so after putting the finishing touches on it, I had a little meltdown because I thought it was crappy. It's pretty lame to cry about a one year old's cake (that he isn't even going to remember), but I did.
We weren't sure what we wanted to do about the cake and Brody. I thought about getting a seperate one for him to dive into, and then I thought we would just skip it altogether, but ultimately we just cut a slice for Brody and let him dive into it with everyone watching. I had kinda wanted to do the cake with just Trevor, Brody, and I...but I felt like everyone wanted to see it, so we stripped off his shirt and went ahead and......BRODY LOVED IT!

Up until yesterday, we really haven't fed Brody very much table food, and definitely not much sweet stuff. He grabbed that piece of cake and began sucking the green icing all off. He was super excited. He would smile and kick his was messy but so fun.
I think Trevor and I would both agree that this first year of Brody's life has gone by WAY TOO FAST!