Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother's Intuition

After drinking tons and tons of water and going to the bathroom an obscene amount of times, it was finally time for our ultrasound today! I have said since I got pregnant that I really felt like this baby was a boy. Trevor has disagreed with me and said just the opposite....girl.

Mommy was right! Brody is going to have a little BROTHER! I just knew it. Sure I want a girl, but in my heart I have never ever even kinda felt like this was that girl. I wasn't expecting a girl so its not like I was disappointed. It was like, "yep, I'm right!" Boy #2!!!

When we went into the ultrasound the tech had barely stuck the thing on my belly and she wasn't even looking for anything and I said, "Oh, there's the turtle." She said, "did you see that?" Um yeah, right off the bat. Trevor had no idea what I was seeing, but sure enough it was that little boy's junk.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but we think that this is our little Ryder Joel Waite. Joel is Trevor's middle name and I would like for our boys to have 'j' middle names. Ryder is just a name we both like. Everything I suggested Trevor disliked but Ryder was his favorite of all, so Ryder it is.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Visiting the Zoo

For months and months I have been wanting to take Brody to the zoo for his very first visit. I kept getting more and more jealous as friends and family of ours were taking their kids. Living as far away as we do, its just not an option to say, "let's go to the zoo tomorrow." It has to be a planned thing. It is a whole weekend trip really. We finally had a little bit of money and had found the perfect time for us to go. So on Easter weekend we made the trip.

We were so lucky because the weather happened to be perfect while we were in the valley. We arrived on a Friday but decided that Saturday morning would be the best time for us to go. We loaded up the car and got there before the gates even opened. With shades on and lathered up with sunblock we listened outside the gates to the birds squawking away while we waited to be admitted. Trevor and I were more excited than Brody because he didn't know what was going on and we knew how much he was going to love seeing all these animals and fish.

The first place we went was to the aquarium and Brody was so interest in all of the fish that were swimming. He kept saying, "water, water." And making his fish face. We had some people behind us that seemed to be right next to us everytime we turned around and the dad was driving us crazy so we kinda hurried through so we wouldn't have to listen to him.
There seemed to be a lot of birds at the zoo but other than that we really enjoyed all the animals. I don't think that Brody was interested in one more than another he just liked to be able to run from each exhibit.

I loved seeing the giraffes that were there and you can feed them if they'll come up to you, but the problem was they would never come near us! We walked up to the platform several times when we thought they were coming our way....but it just wouldn't happen. Brody did get to feed some ducks though and he loved throwing the food to them.

I think we pretty much saw everything but we definitely hurried through it because as we approached Brody's normal naptime he got pretty grouchy and all fun ends when that happens.

We decided that we better head out even though we had only been there a few hours, when we remembered the petting zoo. We had passed it when we first came in and didn't go in, but thought Brody would probably love to do this so we had to try it before we left.

Trevor and I were so glad we went to the petting zoo! I think it ended up probably being Brody's favorite part. He wasn't scared at all of the animals! Truthfully, the animals weren't scared of the people either. I guess they see so many people everyday that it makes no difference to them, but I was surprised because they would come right up to Brody. He would almost back away a little because they were so forward with him he was a little surprised.

Trevor went in where the goats and deer were with Brody, and then he and I went in with the turtles. He loved petting everything. He had to be told a couple times to touch the turtles heads "soft" because he was just a little too excited, but overall he was really gentle and loved the whole experience.
The only bummer to the zoo visit is probably the cost! Good grief. It just seems like way too much, but I guess since this is not something we get to do very often it was worth the money!!! I would most definitely take Brody again.