Monday, September 24, 2012

2 is Cool!

Like every morning these days I, Ryder Joel Waite, woke up bright and early on September 9th.  MY birthday! 

Mommy won't move me out of my crib and into a big boy bed because she likes to keep me caged.  Boo.  I tried one time to climb out myself, but I fell and it was the last time I tried that.  Me and my big brother have worked out a new system though.  It works great.  I wrap my arms around his neck, he wraps his around my waist and then hauls me over the rails of my crib. 

Mom and Dad didn't get to see me react to the streamers hanging in the hallway.  They didn't get to see my face as I found the balloons and streamers hanging over the table either.  All because Brody helped me out while they were still in bed.  Their loss, I guess.  However, I was so excited that I wanted them up.  Right then.  I pointed at my balloons and yelled into their bedroom, "See!  See!"  That is how our day began.

There were a couple of presents on the table for me.  Brody had 'bought' them for me!  He told me that they were matchbox airplanes.  Then he told me again.  And several more times after that.  Mommy and Daddy kept yelling at him to not say what was inside the gifts, to let it be a surprise.  I don't know what all the fuss was about.  I'm 2 for goodness sakes!  My attention span is like 2 seconds long.  I didn't remember what he told me.  I was still surprised.  Brody had a really hard time letting me have these airplanes.  They were pretty neat.  He just wanted to play too.  Lucky for him, I was feeling nice, and I shared.

It was a pretty low key day.  We ate yummy pancakes, I got a new tricycle from mommy and daddy, and then had church.  I marched into the church swinging my arm and strutting down the hall like I owned that place.  Because I do.  Didn't you know?

After church Mommy made lunch and while I was picking at it, our home teachers showed up.  They came just for me!  Brother Mullenaux, and his son, Beau remembered my birthday and had a little gift for me.  Brody really wanted to open it, but Mommy and Daddy had to remind him that it was MY birthday and that he already had a birthday.  It was just so nice of the Mulleneaux's!

After a good long nap and some dinner it was time for everyone to come over for cupcakes!  Brody is always my champion and was quite upset with Mommy for not making me a cake.  He felt that she was doing some great injustice to me.  She made little banners with the number 2 on them to stick in the cupcakes because he made her feel so guilty and she wanted me to feel special.

We opened gifts before singing Happy Birthday, and I got gifts very similar to Brody's.  I had my trike that I got earlier in the day (instead of a bike), a helmet, and a dream lite.

When it was time to blow out my candle I tried touching it first.  That wasn't the best idea and Daddy stopped me before anything bad happened, but then I got to blow it out and that was really fun!  I ate 2 cupcakes to celebrate being 2, or maybe it was because most of it ended up on the table. And chair. And floor....

As I went to bed that night with the stars shining on my ceiling from my very own dream lite, I couldn't help but feel happy about my very special and fun day!   

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sweet Treat

Me and messes.
Messes and me.
We don't mix very well.

Kids and messes.
Messes and kids.
They L-O-V-E, LOVE each other.

Don't get me wrong.  My house is never without some sort of mess or dirtiness.  Its not what you could call spotless.  There are two kinds of messes that I really don't handle well.  One, are things that can spill on floors.  For example, a can of cooking oil spilled across a kitchen floor, throw up on my carpet, pee on my carpet, colored drinks on my carpet.....all of which have happened, and in most cases on multiple occasions.  Usually Trevor has to step in and handle these situations because I go into a sheer panic.  Its like I freeze and can't even comprehend where to begin cleaning up.  The second kind of mess, is anything sticky.  Just the smell of maple syrup makes me feel sticky.

Back in July my mom came home from her 1st ever trip to Disneyland (hard to believe, huh?) bearing gifts for her 2 favorite grandkids in the whole world (and yes, they are her only grandkids....).  There was some hesitation in her voice when she told me she brought them suckers over the phone.  She knows me too well.  Something sticky....

I never want my kids to miss out on the joys of childhood because of my nut job tendencies, so I told her that it was fine.  I knew she was excited to give them to the boys, and I knew they would be excited to get their special treat from Disneyland!

What to do?  What to do?  I may have been okay with the suckers, but I was already dreading the sticky mess that would most definitely occur.

AHA!!!!  I came up with a brilliant solution.  I gave the boys the option of either a big colorful lollipop, or a much smaller (less messy) sucker shaped like Mickey Mouse's head.  They chose the lollipop.  Duh.  Then I stripped them down and put them in the big bathtub in our bathroom.  Not only did they get soaped down and somewhat clean prior to the suckers, but they were contained in one spot and every drop of sticky-ness fell into the bathtub or rinsed off instead of on their clothes.  And faces.  And hands.  And then transfered to me.  And the couch.  And every other surface that they come in contact with.

Best bath ever.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Quote of the Day

Brody walks up to me, points to his backside, and says:
"Mommy, my buns are eating my shorts and underwears!"
Meaning, he had the common misfortune of a wedgie.
The stuff that comes out of the mouths of babes....

2 Year Comparisons

I TRY to take pictures of the milestones in my kids lifes.  Sometimes I actually follow through, and other times not so much.  I was better about doing it with Brody, and because I don't want Ryder to have less than his big bro, I feel an added pressure to do his.

Well, I finally got around to Ryder's 2 year pictures.  Man, was it a flashback of Brody's 2 year pictures.  I couldn't decide what shirt to put Ryder in and had 2 out to choose from.  I was leaning towards an orange one, but when he saw them he wanted the blue one.  The one that is nearly identical to the one Brody wore for his 2 year pictures.

Bugs bit Brody and I during his photos, so I bug sprayed us this time.

I did more chasing then picture taking during Brody's pictures and the same was true for Ryder's.

By the end of both boys 2 year pics I felt like I was melting away with all the sweat dripping off me.

Brody did in fact have a melt down during his and I lost all patience.  Ryder also had a melt down and I also lost my patience again.

I had only one child with me to wrangle with during Brody's pictures, but I was 8 months pregnant with his little brother.  During Ryder's pictures I had 2 kids to wrangle with (outside of the womb, that is!).

I went through both sets of pictures, and yes, the boys look very similar.  What really struck me though, was how many pictures I had of them making the same exact expressions.  They must have been cut from the same cloth or something!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Letter to Ryder

Dear Ryder,

Its hard to believe that you are already approaching your 2nd birthday.  It has been an incredibly fast 2 years.  If I had to describe you in one word it would be CHARMING.  Why charming you might ask?  Well, I haven't met another that makes me want to take a week long vacation {alone!}, and hold them as close as possible all at the same time.  You can work anybody over.  When you are getting into something you know you aren't supposed to and you get caught in the act, you don't stop.  You don't feel guilty for being naughty.  Oh no.  You get the most mischevious twinkle in your eye, smile big, and continue doing whatever the heck you want.  I could strangle ya, and kiss ya all at once. 

You pretty much took a minimalist approach to speaking until a couple months ago.  Now you are saying everything!  Its so much easier to understand you now and because you are using your words you can tell us what you want and need without all the frustration (most of the time).  No! and Mine! are some of your most used words these days.  You also say truck, train, hurt, mom, da-ee (daddy), B (for Brody), Ry-er (your name), shirt, pants, gank goo (thank you) and church really well along with many many more.  I believe you are well over the 200 word mark.

You like to say hi to strangers, but they better not get too close.  This includes nursery.  You hate it.  If I stay in there so will you, but you are right by my side.  If I leave you cry, and would hold out for the whole 2 hours.  I think if they would let you go to primary with Brody, you would do great!  BUT, alas, this is not to be for another year.

Ry-ry, you are as cute as can be.  Your mischevious-ness really and truly is part of your charm.  I can't imagine you any other way.  I wouldn't want you any other way.  I am constantly amazed that you and Brody can be from the same parents, being raised the same way, and yet, completely different from one another.  It is true that each child comes with their own personalities.  Yes, enviroment has some to do with your personality, but its mostly just all you.  I couldn't do anything to change you even if I wanted to.

We love you sweet boy.  Happy Birthday!