Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Thankimony

Once a month at church we have a fast and testimony meeting during sacrament (the first hour of our 3 hour block of church). It is a chance for members of the congregation to get up and share their testimony at the pulpit. It can be such a spiritual meeting, but sometimes it leaves me.... Ummm.... Underwhelmed?!?

One of Trevor's biggest pet peeves is when people get up and say what they are thankful for. That is not a testimony, he says. A testimony is when you get up and say what you KNOW. It isn't a "thank-i-mony" it's a testimony.

BUT... Guess what?!? This isn't church, it's my blog. It's also thanksgiving and a time to reflect on our blessings. Instead of discussing all the tasty dishes we ate at our 2 thanksgivings, I think I'll just have a Thankimony of my own!

*I'm beyond thankful for the man I married. For his good heart, his strong work ethic, for the great dad he is, and for always upholding his priesthood.
*I'm thankful for each time I have become pregnant, and that my body has carried the babies full term, and then safely delivered.
*Speaking of delivering babies, I am eternally grateful this last one was easier than the last!!!
*I'm grateful for my mom. For the constant lessons she has taught me. I would say the majority of any good parenting skills I have, have come from her. She's been a rockstar, as far as moms go.
*My in-laws I appreciate more and more each year. Besides raising my good husband, they are pretty great grandparents. I know without a doubt that they love my kids to pieces. They are also some of the most reliable people I know.
*I am proud, and glad to call myself a Mormon. When I think of all the decisions I've made in my life, I realize they are all tied to the teachings of my church. I'm so grateful for the knowledge and blessings I have because of the gospel.
*Despite having a current president that I did not vote for, I'm grateful we live in the United States where we CAN vote and choose our leaders.

I have so much to be thankful for. My list could go on for days. I need to take the time more often to recognize my blessings and to thank our Heavenly Father for them. 

I hope everyone else has as full of a heart as I do this year!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

A week ago we attended the baby blessing of my sweet nephew, Hudson. Afterwards we were treated to a luncheon at Spenser and Stormy's home. There was lots of yummy things to eat, but I especially loved the muffin/cupcakes. Stormy's sis-in-law, Tara, had done the cooking so I had to get the recipe from her. She has a great blog where you can get recipes, tutorials, and great ideas ( but I believe this recipe is one she found floating in the lovely land of Pinterest.

Here's what you need. Just 3 things really! 
1 spice cake mix (yellow cake mix if you can't get spice)
1 can of pumpkin
1 cup chocolate chips
*pumpkin pie spice (not necessary but I added a few shakes, and if you use yellow cake I would definitely use it)

I, of course, had 3 extra helpers. Luckily, this is pretty simple so they could help dump things in without making a ginormous mess.

After dumping the cake mix and pumpkin in I used my hand mixer to fully incorporate it all before folding the chocolate chips in. It is a fairly thick and sticky mixture.

While the oven finished preheating at 350 degrees the boys lined 2 regular sized muffin tins (24 muffins total).

The muffins are so thick and will come out of the oven looking exactly like they do when you spooned the wet mixture into the paper cups. If you don't like this textured appearance wet a spoon and smooth the tops.

Once the oven is heated set your timer and bake for 20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

I personally did not smooth out my muffin tops for 3 reasons: 1) part of the reason this recipe is awesome is because it's so simple, why make it hard?  2) I honestly don't have the patience and 3) neither did my teething baby.

In the end it didn't matter what they looked like, it was all about how they tasted and trust me, they were gooood! Just ask my boys!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Like most holidays I did my best to make this Halloween a fun day for our kids. 

I started the day by making chocolate chip pancakes. I let them choose to wear the costumes all day. At lunch we didn't just have pb&j's, oh no, they were cut out into the shape of bats. We participated in the annual Halloween parade where Brody, Ryder, and Nash got to sport their costumes and march around a small area of town. Finally, and most importantly, we did the fun trick-or-treating...., now.... We did do all of the above. There just might be a few minor details left out. I meant to make a half batch of pancakes, but that was scratched when I poured the last ingredient, milk, in at the normal quantity and had no choice but to make the big batch and waste most of it.

The boys did choose to wear their costumes all day, but minutes before leaving Ryder had a meltdown wanting regular clothes on. There may have been tears and yelling and threats of no trick or treating involved on mine and Ryder's parts. 

My bat sandwiches were cute, but the chocolate milk cascading across the table and onto the carpet by the 5 yr old I had just told to eat and quit messing around wasn't.

The baby that had to be interrupted from nursing so I could find a towel to mop up the aforesaid milk mess because Brody suddenly didnt know where towels were wasn't too thrilled, and i can't say I blamed him because I wasn't either.

The parade was ok until the very end when somehow someway my poor Nash slipped out through the bottom of his stroller onto the pavement towards the end. I think the blanket I had all around fell out too and broke his fall because not a single scratch was on him, but man, did he cry. I was mortified that he had fallen, worried about his well being, and embarrassed that I didn't double check how secure he was in his seat.

Trick-or-treating nearly didnt happen. Well, it nearly didnt happen for me and Nash. I felt so guilty I thought I should stay at home with him and keep a watchful eye on him. Trevor wasn't there to see the fall, but he assured me through my tears that Nash was ok.

Needless to say, I'm glad this Halloween is over. I lost my temper, I yelled at my kids, and I was neglectful. Bad parent of the year award goes to me. I am feeling incredibly guilty and yet, I still think if you asked Brody and Ryder how their day was they'll think it was great. Thank goodness kids are quick to forgive and forget our shortcomings as parents. Talk about tender mercies.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

2 Whole Months

Little Nash has reached 2 months of age! What a fast 2 months its been. He is such a joy to have in our home too. I have felt so so good post delivery with this baby and have felt like I have enjoyed Nash every second!

Little Mr is growing like crazy! He weighed 14lbs 1oz at his checkup the other day, which puts him in the 93%. He's also in the 84% for his height. If you compare Nash at 2 months to Brody and Ryder at that age he's right in the middle. A little smaller than Ry was, but a bit bigger than Brody.

Nash has really started to smile lately and I love it! He'll grin and grin when I talk to him, but I have to talk like an idiot to get him to do it. Each time my boys have hit this stage where they recognize my face and smile big at me I get emotional. It's pretty lame, but that gummy grin makes tears well up in my eyes as I realize how lucky I am.

Sleeping has not been horrible with Nash, but just this week it has become quite wonderful! I feed him and get him to bed around 9:30 or so and then he has slept until 5-5:30! Can you say heaven?!? Agh! So nice. I feed him again and he goes back down until around 8-8:30. Oh my gosh, it's the best! I always love my babies, but my love reaches a whole other level when we both get better nighttime sleep!

This blue-eyed boy is oh so sweet and already making me realize that he {hopefully} won't be the last baby!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nash's Birth Story

On Thursday, May 16th I had what I was hoping would be my last dr appointment for this pregnancy. With my gestational diabetes I had been monitored fairly closely and on this day I was scheduled for yet another ultrasound to check Nash's size, another non-stress test to check for contractions, as well as a dr visit to check my progress and see if I was anymore dilated.

At the ultrasound the tech measured Nash at just 7 lbs 4 oz. I still had 2 weeks left in my pregnancy and on average babies gain a half pound a week in the last weeks so Nash wouldn't be huge. I have always doubted the accuracy of the ultrasound measurements so I asked the tech how close to that was he really. The tech said it could be off some but not by much. I left the ultrasound so bummed. Not because I wanted a big baby, but because I was so ready to be done and had set my heart on an early arrival and I just KNEW my dr wasn't going to induce me for an average size baby.

Next was the NST. No matter how you sit in the chair for these it's just plain uncomfortable. I told Trevor I was going to go out in the parking lot and cry if they told me no induction. I was feeling pretty emotional and it only increased because they forgot about me in that uncomfortable chair. My pregnant body was actually sore and hurting. What should have been 15 minutes turned into about 40. I was at the end of my rope and wanting to cry when they finally remembered me. 

Then it was time to see dr Connelly.  Luckily, I didn't have to switch rooms again and could just be examined there. I had progressed and was at 4 cm already and fairly thinned out. Yay! Then we talked about where to go from this point. With Nash measuring in the 7lb range dr Connelly said we could probably wait another week.  Really?!?  I asked him again how accurate those measurements really were. He said they could really be a whole pound over or under, but that lately the tech had been nearly dead on. I told the dr that Trevor still fully believed we would have a 9 pounder or more. The dr said probably not, and Trevor said he would bet ten bucks that he was. Dr Connelly said he felt fairly comfortable to take that bet. Despite Nash's normal size the dr thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and schedule an induction for Monday the 20th because I did have a couple contractions during the NST, I was so far dilated, and we have a 45 minute drive to the hospital. He felt there was even still the possibility we would come in on our own that weekend.

Well, the weekend came and went. No baby Nash. No one knew of our scheduled induction either except our parents.

Sunday night I was surprised by how emotional I became putting the boys to sleep. I did this when I went in to have Ryder, but didn't think I would be this go around. When I kissed Ryder goodnight he stared at me like I was nuts and asked, "why you cry? You sad?" How do you explain to a 2 1/2 yr old all the crazy things you're feeling when you don't understand it yourself? That's right.  You don't. I just assured him I was okay and just excited to see Nash tomorrow.

Monday morning and my tears were flowing again. I think I was worse this time than I was last time. I am pretty sure that because of my rough labor, delivery, and recovery with Ry, I was so worried of things going even worse.  Trevor gave me a priesthood blessing and between that and knowing Ryder and Brody were going to be in my mom's capable hands, my worries were {slightly} eased. I'm not a super emotional pregnant woman, but it all comes to a head on birth day it seems, and I even cried part of the drive to the hospital.  Trevor pretty much laughed at me...

We got to the hospital at 8 am, and got the show on the road.  I got in my oh so lovely hospital gown and then waited for my nurse. My nurse was named Debi, and my first reaction to her was, "crap, she's not going to be a good nurse."  It was so rude of me to judge her like that, but she just looked- well...she looked crusty. I have had great nurses in the past and was hoping for the same again.

Nurse Debi began asking all the zillion questions they have to ask and putting it in the computer. I told her right off how hard last time was and that they always have a hard time giving me an epidural but I still wanted to try to get one. I wasn't being snotty or demanding but I told her that if there was a dr better than others to get that one to do my epidural because I am such a hard one to stick. She told me (not so nicely I may add) that when they call for the epidural they get who they get, they can't specify. Weird, because after I had Ryder they told me to make sure I said that...hmm...see what I mean by crusty nurse? I guess my first impression was right.

I had the blood pressure cuff, heart rate monitor for me and baby, as well as the contraction monitor all on me at this point, but Debi was still filling out paperwork and hadn't bothered to start my IV or draw my blood knowing full well dr Connelly was coming in to break my water and that I had to have that done to get the epidural.

Dr. Connelly came in and broke my water by 8:50. He asked me if I was going to get an epidural and I said yes, but reminded him of last time and said I was a bit worried. Bless dr connelly's soul...his exact words, "some are definitely better than others, I'll go see who I can hunt up."  Oh my gosh.  What a saint.  Within minutes he came back up and said he found Dr Lee and that he would be up shortly.  This sent nurse Debi into panic mode.  I think she does things a certain way and in a certain order and this threw her off.  She quickly began trying to put in an IV and was having trouble getting a vain.  She finally got one in, but in a painful spot right on the top of my wrist where that bone sticks out.  Ouch!  She drew blood first from it before starting the bag of fluid that had to be in me before the epidural.

At some point during all the questioning I started to feel really funny. A sweat broke out and I felt like I was going to throw up.   My blood pressure cuff started again and we discovered that my blood pressure was bottoming out. It was at like 60 over 30. No medication was in me so it wasn't that, but I was having significant contractions already (wasn't feeling them though) and I was laying on my back so from then on I had to be on my side.

Pretty soon came dr lee. He saw that I didn't have all the fluids in me yet and my nurse was in such a fluster because he came so soon. She bustled out of the room at one point and when she returned told me she had mislabeled my blood and someone was going to have to come in and take it again. She apologized and really did feel bad.  While dr lee talked to me about the epidural and my history with it a girl came in and drew my blood out of my left arm leaving a bruise that lasted for 2 weeks.  Once the fluids were in we preceded with the epidural. Dr Lee had me sit a little different then I had before and within  6 or 7 minutes he had it in place. I could not believe it! Now was it going to take?  Within minutes I felt all tingly down my left leg.  Last time that's the only thing that got numb.  Dr. Lee had me roll to my other side to see if the epidural would absorb on that side.  It took a bit longer but it worked!  Hallelujah!!!  I felt such a piece of mind, and was probably not going to feel any contractions at all.  I told him the number the better.  Normally he said he doesn't turn it up too much but since it was my third baby he would.  I told him that I'm a good pusher-outer so the numbing wouldn't affect that.

From there it was pretty smooth sailing.  I talked a lot to nurse Debi and asked her questions about herself.  I was determined to make her friendly side come out and have her like me.  She loosened up and even smiled now and again.  She really wasn't a bad nurse after all.  At some point the room began to blacken in the edges of my vision and my blood pressured got super low again.  This time from the epidural.  They had to put some mess in the IV to help out a couple times.  

At one point I told Trevor it was almost boring because I wasn't feeling anything! I was so glad for it though!  It was heaven compared to Ryder's labor and delivery!  

We knew dr Connelly was returning to check me about lunch time.  When I came in first thing that morning I was contracting and 5cm dilated, and although I had progressed since then things had slowed down and Nash had yet to drop very much.  A very small dosage of pitocin was started and things picked up.

Dr Connelly came and I was almost fully dilated so even though he left the room he stuck around knowing it wouldn't be long.  Sure enough within minutes I told the nurse I could feel some pressure like Nash might be finally moving down.  She checked me again and I was fully dilated!  She decided to have me push a few times because Nash was actually not down very much.  I felt a wave of panic wash over me.  What if I couldn't remember how to push?  Was I going to be like do many other women that push for hours?  Could I do that?

On came a contraction and I pushed with all my might.  On my second push you could see Nash's head!  Debi told me to stop!  I don't think she was expecting that.  Dr Connelly was quickly called back in and the room got busy with all the nurses for the baby too.  Dr Connelly had me push and part of the baby's head came out.  Trevor says dr Connelly rubbed Nash's head and said I think this is his forehead!  Not only was I delivering another face up baby, but he had tilted his head back and coming forehead first instead of with the crown of his head.  Nash started to shake his head like he was trying to get himself out, but I gave one more big push and out he came!

Immediately I began crying.  He was here.  He was safe.  Things went so much better for me.  It was such sweet relief after all my worrying!  Oh and Nash! Sweet sweet Nash.  He had so much hair!  Never had my kids had so much!  I couldn't believe it.  He also was covered in more vernix then either one of the other boys had and I think it may have been because of his early arrival.  He looked pretty big too.  Sure enough he was 9 pounds!  I reminded dr Connelly that he bet Trevor.  He couldn't believe how big he was and how off they had been.

Nash was perfect.  No complications at all.  I had a second degree tear but nothing too bad.  My placenta took a while to come out and took some major pushing on my tummy by the nurse and dr as well as some tugging.  That was uncomfortable but not painful because my epidural was still doing its job.

When all was said and done dr Connelly told me again and again what a good job I did.  Not only is a face up baby harder to deliver but with his head tilted like it was us REALLY hard.  My dr said its as hard to birth one like that as if the baby was a whole more pound.  He said I made it look easy when it's not and most women would spend a lot of time pushing.  He even went so far as to say I handled it, "With grace."  Yay for me!

After the nurses and dr cleared out I felt good enough to eat.  I also was begging to use the restroom.  The nurses were busy and made me wait.  Plus, they wanted to wait until I could be a bit more 'unplugged' from everything like my IV.  I really felt so good.  Best labor, delivery, and recovery so far.  

I am not unaware though of the higher power that had a hand in things going so well for me.  I know that so many of our family members prayed daily for me.  I am beyond grateful for those prayers and for my Heavenly Father.  And I'm appreciative of the spouse I have that could not just support me mentally and physically, but spiritually as well.  I'm thankful for this sweet new little boy we get to raise!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Nash Jentry Waite

Born May 20, 2013
at 2:30 in the afternoon
to us, his proud parents, Taytum and Trevor
as well as to his older brothers, Brody Jay and Ryder Joel.
Weighing an even 9 pounds-just 1 ounce shy of what both his brothers weighed at birth.
Measuring 21 and 1/2 inches long.
And was nearly 2 weeks early.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our Little Leaguer

Take me out to the ball gameTake me out to the park
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks
I don't care if we ever get back
For its root root root for the home team
If they don't win it's a shame 
For its One, Two, Three strikes you're out
At the old ball game!!!

Brody was signed up and played on his very first 'organized sports' team. He was hesitant about starting tball and even cried a bit when we talked about it. Brody doesn't like things that are unknown to him. He gets super nervous. We knew we were going to have to do some work on our end to make tball not scary. 50 bucks later....we had a t, ball, bat, and glove. Twenty minutes of Trevor, Brody, and Ryder playing outside Brody was excited and ready to play on a team with other kids!

This mommy has yet to cut the apron strings and was kinda sad to just drop Brody boy off at his very first practice! It was the first time he had ever been dropped off somewhere without either parent or grandparent there with him (pathetic, I know). 

It was a ten game season and although scores weren't kept it was a great learning experience. It was also a realization on my part that it is just the beginning of my 'soccer mom' lifestyle. With a house of  boys I know we are going to be on the go from now on. Games, practices, sports gear, registration fees, and treat schedules! It is going to get crazy at times, I'm sure, but it's the life I will relish in!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pregnancy Woes

What can I say?  The end is near!  Yay.  This week I am 33 weeks along.  Just 7 to go.  So many people have said to me that my pregnancy has gone by so fast.  I have to agree that for the most part it has.  I think that probably has a lot to do with the fact that we didn't tell that we were pregnant until I was into my second trimester.  The last few weeks have not been so fast for me though.

I hate to complain.  I mean, I am always so grateful for the chance to carry another baby.  I have a friend who is going through fertility issues, one that delivered a stillborn last year, and one that is currently on hospital bed rest just trying to make it each day a little farther so I feel like its completely insensitive for me to utter one single syllable of complaint.  But....this is in fact, my blog.  It is where I can document my life.  I don't want to spill a sob story, but I want to remember that pregnancy number 3, has not been my easiest.

I was bound to have a harder pregnancy.  I mean, its just tempting fate to have 3 'textbook' pregnancies as my dr had always told me before.  Things have been a little different, a little more weird, but nothing that I would consider bad or hard.  Then I had my glucose test.  I failed it.  That's right, folks!  I have gestational diabetes.  Woo-hoo!  Five percent of pregnant women get this, and I have become one of that magical number.  I already have delivered to 9lb babies, and gestational diabetes babies tend to be bigger, so now the dr is really on the alert.

Lucky for me, I am not a hard core out-of-control diabetic.  I am not having to take insulin.  I technically don't even really need to monitor my blood sugar.  The dr wrote me a prescription that I should take twice a day and that is that.  Except, its not.  I like to avoid medicine if I can when pregnant.  I came back asking if I could try to control this with diet and exercise.  The dr gave me the green light and was impressed that I wanted to even try that, because its so much easier to take the meds and be done with it.  I am eating better.  I do a very brisk 2 mile walk on my treadmill everyday (enough to make me sweat), and biggest of all I've completely cut soda from my life.  That may not sound like a big deal to you non-soda drinkers, but for me its huge.  There is nothing like the tingly sweet taste of a cherry pepsi sliding down my throat.  Its like manna from heaven if you ask me.  My mouth waters just thinking of it......

I also bought a cheap monitor from Walmart and check my blood about 4 times a day.  I wanted to see how things would go.  Well, its not going well.  Despite my best efforts my sugars are still all over the place.  First thing in the morning before I eat I check my blood and the doc wants it under 100.  It is rarely there.  Usually it sits closer to 107.  Two hours after I eat it should be under 120.  This one I manage most of the time.  What is so frustrating to me, is that sometimes I can eat things that I know are verging on the 'bad' side for me and have my sugar at a 91, while other times I can eat well and its hitting 110.  Its just all over the place.  I finally broke down and started taking one pill a day.  Still the effects are the same.  I may have to just submit to the fact that I have to have the help of the medicine.  boo.

This 4 times a day of monitoring have made my days seem long.  I just want to eat a freakin chocolate cupcake now and again!  That shouldn't be too much of a pregnant lady to ask, right?  There is one positive though.  Because of the worry of a way too big baby they have had me come in for 3 ultrasounds and another is scheduled.  I have only had one for each prior pregnancy.  It is amazing to see a baby this developed.  When we went in last week, we could actually see Nash yawning and blinking his eyes and that was just in the 2d ultrasound, not the 3d or 4d one.  He looks great.  So far, so good.  Nash has us all worrying, but he measured in at 4lbs 2 oz (which is never completely accurate) and is in the average range.  I still fully believe he's going to come out big because that's what the other 2 did, but only time will tell.

Some of the other things that they have to worry about with the gestational diabetes is excessive weight gain on my part, high blood pressure, and too much amniotic fluid.  All of these have not been a problem for me thus far.  My weight gain is very very little, my blood pressure is almost low, and my amniotic fluid is a little bit high but its holding steady so its not a worry right now.  I will also be receiving not 1, but 2 non-stress least, thats what I think they are called.  We'll see how Nash manages that and then go from there.  I've been told that often they will induce you around 38 weeks with the gestational diabetes, but I'm not sure if that is in the plans yet for me.

So that's my life right now.  Oh, and if you tack on some serious pain in my lower back, and now some lovely burning below my belly when I stand or walk too long because he's already head down and positioning himself to make his grand entrance into this world then you have a pretty accurate account of what this pregnancy has been like lately.  I don't want Nash to come too early, but stick a fork in me because I'm just about done.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Our 'Egg'-cellent Easter

With Easter falling in March this year, it seemed like it was over before it even started.  I had plans to make some sort of Easter decorations because I have none, but I never found the time.  Like always coloring our hard boiled eggs came down to the last minute too, but it was still pretty fun.

This year I found this super cool egg-coloring kit that was spill free.  It cost me a few extra dollars than the cheap regular PAAS 1.50 kit or whatever, but I figured it was money well spent with 2 little boys doing the dying.  Well, I was wrong.  It was a crappy investment.  It made more mess than any kit we have ever had before!  Plus, instead of the 5 colors promised we got jipped and there were only 4!  I will just stick with the cheap-o box next time. 

Brody and Ryder, however, still enjoyed themselves.  They were stripped down to just their undies as a precaution to not stain their clothes, and we covered the table also to save it from stains.  We had 18 eggs to color, and color they did.  It was a really fast project because neither one of them had the patience to let their eggs sit and take on really dark and vibrant colors.  The purple egg dye must have really spoken to them because that seemed to be the color we had the most of.  

We had been talking a whole lot about Easter for the 2 weeks leading up to the actual day, and again while we were coloring eggs we talked as a family about it.  The egg dying, Easter bunny, baskets, and candy are fun and all, but we really didn't want them to lose sight of what Easter is really about.  That's kind of a lot to ask of a 4 yr old and especially a 2 yr old, but we did it anyways.  We would say things like, coloring eggs is fun, but what is Easter REALLY about, Brody?  He would think for a second and then say, "It's about Jesus."  Yep, but what about Jesus?  "It's about his ez-erection (ressurection)."  Way to go him {maybe a pat or two mom and dad}.  Well, what does that mean? "Its when Jesus' spirit left his body and then came back to it."  You are right.  Where was Jesus buried?  "In the toon (tomb)." and who move the stone away from the tomb? "The angels."  and what's the name of that lady again, that came to the tomb to see Jesus?  "It was Mary."  Now can you remember where Jesus died?  "On the two sticks (meaning the cross)."  Just hearing our little 4 year old have such a grasp of what happened to Jesus made us so happy.  It is so easy to just get caught up in all the fun of the Easter bunny, but we loved that he really knew.  It made us realize that he does listen in Primary and family home evening more than we even know.

The next morning we heard the boys get up and just anxiously waited for them to come in our room to say that the Easter Bunny had visited our house.  Well, then we waited some more.  They were up.  They were obviously staking out the living room.  Trevor cleared his throat loudly a few times in the hope that they would know we were up and come tell us.  We heard exclamations of, "There's an egg!" and other cute things before they came running, breathless into us.  Brody is shouting, "The Easter bunny came!  I saw eggs and our baskets hanging!"  Ryder is so excited his words are failing him and all he can say is, "c'mon c'mon!" 

Sure enough we got up and they both had baskets hanging from the curtain rods.  Once those were down, inspected, and eaten out of a little bit, it was time to hunt eggs.  There were plastic eggs with candy all over the living and dining room areas.  This was the first year Ryder got so into it.  He found just about as many as Brody and at just as fast of a pace.  It was so much fun to see them exclaim and get excited everytime a new egg was spotted.  

After a big breakfast the boys stepped outside and found Easter Bunny tracks on the sidewalk and even more eggs.  One half of the lawn were eggs for Brody, and the other half for Ryder.  All of these eggs had money in them.  The Easter bunny was even more generous than I had thought he was going to be.....but the kids were thrilled and couldn't wait to carry their loot inside to put in their piggy banks.  

More candy was enjoyed before heading off to church.  It was kind of different having a fast and testimony meeting on Easter, but overall, it was still nice and you could feel the spirit.

Dinner was delicious at my Mom's house that night.  We all ate until we were too full and then played outside with a few little toys that were new.  It was a great end to our Easter day.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Disaster Strikes!

We (meaning Ryder) had a rough day on Monday, dr. apts and shopping out of town Tuesday, projects and just general busy-ness on Wednesday so I woke up today fully intending on taking it easy.  Round 3 of being pregnant has been exhausting.  I don't know if its that I have 2 other kids I'm taking care of, the few years older, or just differences in pregnancies but I am out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow and just about everything wears me out.

Intentions never go as planned.  I'm a mother.  I should know this.  At least, I should by now.

There have been very few major incidents in our household in the past 4 years and 7 months of being parents.  We did have what I would call "The Great Oil Spill of '09" which was an overwhelming mess, and today we experienced another disaster of that nature that I will refer to as "The Dust Bowl of 2013" only this dust bowl wasn't in the Oklahoma region many years ago due to lack of rain and very very dry lands.  Oh no.  This dust bowl occured in the Waite home, at the hands of two boys (mostly one, really), and a brand new bag of dry tile grout.

My boys tend to get up and play for and wait a bit before coming to get me out of bed.  Today was the same, I was vaguely aware they were up but for the most part still in a sleep stupor.  Ryder came in and asked if his 'byper' (diaper) could come off- because he hasn't mastered potty training at night yet- when I noticed white spots on his hair and forehead.  This paint-like looking substance put me on alert.  I asked what was on his head when I hear Brody shout from the kitchen, "Its just nothing I want you to see!!!  I'm cleaning it up!"  That sent the red flags up in an instant.  I threw off the covers and hurried to the kitchen. 

Before I reached the doorway I noticed white spots on my carpet in the dining area.  This was so not going to be good.....a sense of dread was already upon me.  I look in the kitchen and there is a new bag of white tile grout split open, and that gritty-flour-like substance everywhere!  Layer upon layers.  Splotches of it sprayed up onto several of the walls.  A new cabinet that we are installing was wide open with a generous amount of grout inside.  And then Brody.  In the middle of it all.  Holding a dust pan scooping up piles of grout and trying to put it back in the bag.

My immediate reaction?  Furious.  Ticked.  Overwhelmed.  Wanna cry..........


They high-tailed it out of there.  Too bad that as I watched their fleeing forms I noticed dozens of white footprints on my carpet leading from the kitchen down to Brody and Ryder's bedroom.  I called Trevor and told him.  I didn't know where to begin.  These are the kinds of messes that make me shut down because I can't even think where to start and what to do.  Trevor told me not to mop it because it would harden like cement.  Well, yeah, I know that, but at some point it was going to have to be mopped.  He was actually having a bad morning too, and so he was not very helpful to me and seemed short with me so that was not a long conversation.

I got off the phone, went to the boys room and found Brody in their bathroom running water over his socks.  There were white footprints in there too!  Not only that, but streaks of grout and puddles of standing water on the top of the counter!  Again, "What are you doing?"  Brody tells me he was trying to clean his dirty socks.  Bless his little soul for trying to clean up, but he was making more messes left and right!  Ryder and Brody were told to stay on their beds and I went back to the mess.

What to do?  Where to begin?  How am I going to do this?  I just wanted my easy day.......

So....first things first......take pictures.  That wasn't going to help clean it up, but its what I did.  -K- pictures done.  Now the real work.......or.....out came the video camera to document this momentous day and then down to the culprits bedroom for an interview.  Both boys were solemnly sitting on their beds.  One had spots of grout on his head, the other had streaks of it down his cheek.  I begin talking to them about why they would do this and what they were thinking.  I don't get much response.  I start asking WHO made the mess.  I specifically zoom in on Ryder's face and ask him.  Each time I ask his eyes glance towards Brody as if he wanted to say Brody did it, but his loyalty was kicking in and he wasn't about to rat out his brother.  I ask again and Ryder finally says, "santa."  Oh.  Really.  "Santa did it."  Ryder shook his head no, knowing that wasn't the truth when Brody finally tells me something like, "I'm just telling the truth, I did it."  My anger had lessened a lot by then, and hearing the confession melted this mommy's heart even more.  I was proud that he would admit his guilt.

The interview came to a close, and I left their room and really surveyed everything and have come up with what I think happened.  I believe that the boys were playing and the bag of grout was in the way.  I think Brody went to move it and it was too heavy and he dropped it splitting the bag wide open.  I think- and this is when I feel bad for being mad and sad knowing probably what went through Brody's mind- Brody went into his own panic mode.  I think his first reaction was, I am going to be in so much trouble!  I need to fix this!  I then think he tried to clean up, only to make things worse.

Trevor came home and was pretty ticked initially.  He got after the boys too.  Then, (bless his soul) Trevor began cleaning the floor.  It took a sweeping, some vaccuming, and mopping by Trevor to get the majority of the mess picked up before he had to head back to work.  Another sweeping and two more moppings later, the kitchen finally is livable, but could still use a 4th mopping.  The carpet was vaccumed twice, and the boys' bathroom had to have a good wipe down too.  It really was so so so bad.  This was probably worse than dirt or flour could ever be, it was such a fine, gritty mess. 

I feel exhausted.  I feel like tomorrow I would like to stay in bed all day long.  Then again, maybe I'll just be happy if we don't have any other child-made disasters tomorrow.

Friday, February 08, 2013

A Bucket List Check

I don't have an actual bucket list written down, its more like a rough draft floating around in my head.  I'll be honest, most of my bucket list is pretty self involved.  Next to none of it will do good for others.  There are a couple things I'd like to do for Trevor someday, I would also like to be a good mother and raise good kids....but that is going to be something I work on until the day I die, and who knows if I will ever fully accomplish it.  I know a lot of people have things like climb Mt. Everest, run in the Boston Marathon, solve world hunger.  These things are great.  But not on my list.  Mostly for two reasons either A) I have no desire to do any extreme things like climbing the biggest mountains because I think that is insane or B) I would love for their to be world peace and for me to be the reason for it, but I'm sure that I have no means or control over something of that magnitude.

I do though have one thing.  Its one that I can easily accomplish and just did.  It isn't about me either.  Its something I have always wanted to do.  Its donating my hair.  Not selling (although I could probably get a pretty penny for my hair), DONATING.  I do not make a lot of money to give to people less fortunate, I do not have talents that could be of use to those maybe sick or injured, I do not even have singing or musical abilities that could cheer someone up.  I do however, have very nice hair.  As they say in little women after Jo cuts her hair, "You're one true beauty!"  That's my one beauty too.  Nice hair.  Don't you think someone would appreciate it?  Well, I do.

I have had this goal in sight for a couple years now.  I knew while I was pregnant with Ryder that I was going to grow out my hair and donate it.  I have trimmed my hair a few times along the way, but I finally had enough.  Today was the day.
10 inches are required, and I hoped I could give more.  In grand total I gave 15 inches!  Kind of a lot.  I went from the longest I've ever had my hair to the shortest I have ever had it (a few additional inches came off in the actual style/cut I got).

I'm loving the change!  I hate looking back at pictures and having my hair look the same for several years.  Boring.  This was fun, as well as a bit of a shock to my system.  I didn't cry though.  That's good.  I tend to do that after a major hair change!

Bucket list item:
Donate hair........CHECK!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Valentine's Crafting

Every holiday out come the coordinating decorations.  My Valentine's Day stuff though is very sad and skimpy.  Not only do I have very little, but finding Valentine's decorations (especially around these parts) is near impossible.  Sure, there are some.  Mostly cheap and ugly ones.  Not at all what I have invisioned.  I mean, if I'm going to spend the money, it better be worth it.

I finally decided to look to my favorite, trusty, pinterest for some cute (and fairly cheap) ideas.  I pinned this cute heart wreath over a year ago, and knew it was what I wanted.  We don't have craft stores, so I ordered off hobby lobby's website and used a coupon.  Grand total spent was under 11 bucks.  Can't beat that and better and cuter than anything I found in stores!  The instructions I followed were from the Idea Room, and were so simple.  Just the kind of craft I can handle.

Next, I knew I wanted a banner.  I had seen several different ideas for painting burlap on pinterest, and so I thought I'd try it out.  Nobody had one just like the one I made though, I just combined several ideas.  It was also a very cheap and easy project that I (a virtual crafting dummy) could knock out in one afternoon.
I love how my stuff came out, and have had lots of compliments too.  Trevor rolls his eyes each time I "get my craft on," but he's a man....what do you expect?  At least he never stops me!