Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Wish You a Merry Xmas

Christmas has come and we are so excited! There really isn't much under our tree this year, but we have our sweet boy. It has been lots of fun having him look at lights and see his reactions. The other day when I was wrapping presents Brody got a hold of some paper that he liked and just shook it like crazy.
I imagine next year, he'll really be into everything and my tree may only have the top half decorated, but I look forward to it. This year he's pretty mellow and everyone says to enjoy it while we can, but I really can't wait for it.
We didn't send out Christmas cards to anyone this year, but we do wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

4 Months of Brody

It's really hard to believe, but our little man hit his 4 month birthday on the 15th. I know its not any real exciting thing to anyone but the mom and dad, but I really cannot believe its been that long.
What amazes me most is how much a baby really does change and grow in day to day life. Brody is obviously not slowing down anytime soon in the growth department, which doesn't surprise us one bit....that's what babies do...grow. What is surprising to me is how much he can learn!
In any book I have read, Brody can do just about everything some babies can do by 4 months. Physically he is rolling like none other, he can put weight on his legs when we stand him up for long periods of time, he can see us really well and follow us with his eyes, he can pay attention to things for much longer than he used to, and he can spot the smallest thing on the floor and reach for it. As far as talking and all of that, he pretty much YELLS at us and giggles very easily.
His newest things are pretty funny. When he gets upset instead of a constant cry, he purses his lips together and kind of whines. Even better, he now sticks his tongue out and makes the farting noise or the motor noise (i'm not really sure how to describe that!). Last night he woke up at 4:30 and instead of getting him I was going to let him cry it out. Instead of crying he blew his tongue and lips to make that noise. This went on for a half an hour straight. He'd kinda cry for a second and then the noises would start again. I just laid in bed and giggled to myself as I listened. I could actually hear the spit that I was sure was getting all over his face and bed.
I can hardly believe that Brody has been with us for 4 months. It seems like he's been here forever. He is such a joy and we love watching him grow each day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Boy Brody

I realized the other day that there is a constant stream of pictures of Brody on here, but not so many of Trevor and I. Really, when you have a dang cute kid you can't even help wanting to show off every picture you can, but I need to remember to take some of all of us. Brody really is growing. He is rolling over like a pro. About a month ago he rolled from his back to his belly. I was so excited. He had been trying to roll the other way, but it is way harder, and he couldn't quite get it. I thought that I should put him on his tummy and try that way. We hadn't been putting him on his tummy much because it seemed like he really hated it. Sure enough, he rolled. He didn't roll once or twice, but like six times. I was able to get it on video. The next morning he did it again a few times.....and that was it.....never again.

Then about two weeks ago I woke up to find Brody on his belly in his bed. It totally freaked me out and I was checking to see if he was breathing. I could not believe it. I hadn't put him in his bed on his belly, but there he was. He rolled onto his belly and we hadn't even seen it. I spent the whole next night flipping him back onto his back. I finally gave up. If Brody wants to be on his tummy, he's going to be. Once Brody rolled for us to see, we clapped and felt like throwing a party. Not really, but it was exciting. A couple of days after that he was rolling like it was no big deal. He loves it. He doesn't love staying on his belly though, and he can't remember how to roll back onto his back. Every nap and each night Brody sleeps on his tummy. He never starts that way, but that's how it ends.
Brody also pays very close attention to things now. He got some new toys that hang from his car seat that he loves to grab at. He has also really found his toes. He even tried to eat them in the tub the other night. Of course every thing that he grabs at goes in his mouth now. We really have to be careful of what is within his reach.

One thing I love is reading. I have sworn that I will read to my kids and hopefully they will learn to love it too. I have a book of nursery rhymes that I tried to read to Brod, but he just didn't enjoy it....he was just too little, until now. He loves his little books. He likes the bright colors, and he reaches for the pages.

We love these new developments, but it's also kinda sad that he is growing so fast. Each step is so exciting. I don't think watching Brody will ever get old to Trevor and I.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Winter Prep

Unlike the pioneers, we do not spend months in preparation for winter. There is no gathering food, making warmer clothes, or getting the animals ready.
However, in our case we did have to buy pellets for our stove, and after a quick peek in Brody's closet we realized he had not one single long sleeved shirt. Nor did we have a jacket or any hats. Not only had we not gotten Brody anything warm, but there wasn't warm item of clothing from all the stuff people have given us!
It was definitely time to go shopping.
Trevor and I had been eyeing this one hat at old navy for a long time, but we just couldn't justify spending the money on it. Everytime we got a chance to go into an old navy, we would in hopes that it would be on sale. Finally, we just broke down and bought it. It was worth EVERY penny. Especially since it seems like the majority of "cute" clothes are girl ones, I was glad to get him this hat.
We happened to go into a Target and find a hat for just a buck and bought it too. It cost a lot less, but it is definitely as cute as the other hat.
Yay for cute and warm winter clothes!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rice Cereal

At Brody's two month wellness check-up he soaked through the paper on the table with all his drool. Our pediatrician told us that that's a sign that baby can digest and start rice cereal. She suggested not to start right then, but she kind of left it open to us.

I certainly was in no hurry to start Brody on anything more solid, because to me that meant he was growing up...and momma's not ready for that. I'm also a believer that you don't have to do EVERYTHING by the book. It's not like Brody is going to wake up on his recommended 4 (or 6) month birthday and be like, " I am ready for rice cereal, but yesterday I was too little." I truthfully think that as the mom I know my kid pretty well.

Not too long after our dr. appointment, we noticed that Brody was watching what we were eating and drooling and moving his mouth while we ate. So shortly after his 3 month birthday we broke out the cereal and gave it a try. I know, I know....gasps of horror are being heard all over as other mom's read this.....get over it....Brody LOVED it! He opened his mouth everytime the spoon came close, and even tried to get the spoon. When he gets fed now he grabs onto my hand and tries to "help" bring the spoon to his mouth. The doctor said if he wasn't ready he wouldn't be able to digest very well, but that was not the case for our Brodster...the poopy diapers were as often and normal as usual.
Brody is like a 15 pound kid, he's no light weight. I mean really, how much longer could he go on just his mom's milk?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This Thanksgiving

Every year we pull double duty for the major holidays. Round one of Thanksgiving was spent with my family and round two with Trevor's. It's nice that we don't have to chose one family or the other, but at the same time it's not so nice on the belly. Can you say major calorie intake? Wow.
It is crazy to think that last year at this time there wasn't our little Brody with us. In fact, I very distinctly remember last Thanksgiving. We had been hoping to be blessed with a baby for quite a while and it just hadn't been happening for us. I had always thought that when we were ready that I would just get pregnant. Well it didn't work that way.
I remember sitting at my Aunt Gina's house and just taking in everything. I was kinda feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't pregnant. My Aunt Nanette even asked if I was. That only made my pity party worse, then shortly followed with thoughts of, "Does she think I'm pregnant because I LOOK like I'm pregnant....great....."
That weekend was the football state championship (just like this year) in Tucson. I was so glad to see my friend Erin there, but once again was feeling crappy. Erin was a few months pregnant and while I was thrilled for her, I was a little jealous. Little did I know....
About a week later I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive!
Last year I was pregnant with Brody and didn't even know it, and this year we had him hear with us. I can't wait for all the many more holidays we will have with Brody. Everything is SOOOO different with a little one. Bring on Christmas.....