Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pees in the Potty

For weeks Brody has been telling us about 'pee' and 'poo' while gesturing to the places that the stuff comes from. He practically stalks us in the bathroom(especially trevor), and even tells us when he needs a poopy diaper changed. All of this helps us to know that he is approaching potty training, but I still have been hesitant to really start the whole process. Why you ask? Well, I have read that the worst thing you can do is pressure them when they aren't fully ready. If you do that it can set them back even more. So I have patiently been waiting and thinking that there is no way I can get him potty trained before Ryder comes.
Today was a major breakthrough!!! While explaining pee and poo to me I just flat out asked him if he wanted to go potty in his big boy potty. He said, "Yeah!" with a ton of enthusiasm and ran into the bathroom that has his little potty and tried to get it down. Sweet, I thought.... I stripped Brody down to just his t-shirt and put him on the potty. Of course, nothing could be accomplished unless he had his shoes on while sitting there. He would wear them to bed if he could, so there was no way he was going to sit there and not wear them now. So t-shirt, shoes, and potty. We sat there and sat there....time slowly creeping by....I try a few different tactics. I let the water run for a while....let him have his sippy cup of juice...even give him my cell phone. Twenty five minutes later and much getting up and down I tell myself its just not going to happen, when all of a sudden HE PEES!!!!
Brody watched himself pee into the bowl and was totally amazed. I only made a huge deal out of it too, so then he really knew he'd done something good. We high-fived and 'pounded it'. To make things even better I let him help dump the pee in the big toilet and flush it. He loves to do anything like us so this made going potty all the better to him.
I thought this was surely a one time deal, but I left him in just his shirt and shoes in the hopes we could try again, when he surprised me and went in the bathroom by himself and said, "Mom, a- more.." I ran in there and sure enough he had peed more! He hadn't quite made it in and got a little on the floor, but mostly he went all by himself! Talk about a huge accomplishment at the Waite household!!!! I was practically jumping for joy. Unless you have kids you cannot know how exciting a little pee in a potty can really be! Brody went about 4 more times without me telling him and only had one accident. Yippee! I have dreaded the whole potty training experience and maybe we'll have setbacks. I would like to have done this whole process when there wasn't a holiday weekend coming up thats going to throw us off, but this was so not planned! Can we be this lucky? Is it really going to be this easy? Woot-woo Brody Jay!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Boy's Boy

Brody is nearly 2 years old and it never ceases to amaze me how much of a little boy he really is. I have blogged about it on more than one occasion and I guess its just because I am really believing more and more that boys come as boys. There is no denying that Brody is a boy through and through.

Brody is interested in trucks, all things noisy, messy, dirty, anything related to Daddy, and now he is especially into basketball. I do need to clarify that although such a boy, Brody is also quite sweet. He will cuddle up to us and give loves, play with my hair when tired, and rub his hands softly across our faces or arms. But the boy part of him outrules most sweet qualities.

My mom gave Brody a basketball hoop for Christmas this last year and he has played with it on and off through the past few months, but now he gets really into it! He makes us turn on the light in his room and then he'll just hang out and "shoot hoops." He really is pretty impressive and makes most shots and if he misses he claps his hands hard together and says, "OH!!!"

The NBA finals of course were on at our house the last few weeks and Brody sat with Daddy or stood near the tv shouting things like, "Go...go....go" when the players were running up and down the court and "Shoo-it (shoot it)" when they were near the basket, and loud exclamations of "OH!" when shots were missed. It cracks Trevor and I up because normally Brody has this sweet little voice that says hello and mommmy and daddy, but when it comes to basketball this deep, loud, man voice comes out!

It mostly makes me laugh when all the noise is going on from the game, to Trevor, and then down to Brody until I realize that I have another boy on the way! I will be even more outnumbered and I'm sure the noise will increase even more. I didn't think my sweet 2 year old could have so much testosterone running through his little body, but I guess they are born that way.